Why do you buy wood instead of scrounging it yourself?

PA. Woodsman Posted By PA. Woodsman, Sep 6, 2009 at 5:36 PM


Why do you buy wood instead of scrounging it yourself?

  1. You'd don't have the time or rather not take the time to scrounge.

  2. You physically can't get your own wood (injury, disability, etc.)

  3. You can buy wood cheaply and prefer to do that instead.

  4. You don't have access to a wood supply that you can scrounge.

  5. You're too lazy.

  6. You're swimming in money so you could care less.

  7. Other.

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  1. heppm01

    New Member

    Jan 30, 2009
    SE Mich
    No truck/trailer. I've rented a UHaul for a particularly tasty score once, but at the pace I work it's usually not cost-effective.
  2. slinger646


    Aug 10, 2009
    Appalachian VA
    Work nights for extended periods of time, which leaves many chores to do when I get off. Buying wood means one less thing.

    I do barter wood.

    I have skills, they have wood.
  3. mayhem

    Minister of Fire

    May 8, 2007
    Peru, MA
    Voted "Other".

    I try to do my own wood procesing and either scrounge or log off my own property when I have some trees that need to be thinned. I'll buy if I find out midwinter that I won't have enough to finish the season.
  4. Fi-Q

    Feeling the Heat

    Mar 5, 2009
    Bonaventure, Quebec
    Honnestly, I've been cutting / splitting / seasoning my own wood on my land. I have a lot of sick trees and it's just good for the land to do so.

    But, on of my friend just bought a ''truck Load'' of 2 year cut maple & hard wood (Eastern Quebec) deliver in his yard for 50$ a cord. It's in 8ft length. It's almost dry since it have been cut 2 years ago. You can't beat this.... if it wouldn't be that I want to clean my land of those dying rees, I wouldn't be cutting my own trees if I could get truck load of hard wood, delivered at 50$ / cord......

    But, on the other hand, cutting my own wood will justify to the wife the need of a ski-doo (for the winter time, when I'm usually off) , the need of a splitter, eventually the need of a tractor (I'm thinking a Kubota B3030) and once I will have the tractor, I will need a barn or a garage to store it.....

    And honnestly, I really love to cut trees down, when I have the time......
  5. donmattingly


    Jun 17, 2009
    I buy and scrounge. The wood in the yard now is 1/5 scrounged.
    I long for the days of growing up when my father had (still has actually) 10 wooded acres in Stafford, CT. We had a small Fisher stove on our porch and the dead standing wood we would grab would heat that porch all winter.
    Now heating with wood is primary for my whole house so whatever the time of year, if there is a call for free firewood, I am there.
    Clients who have acres of property and dead trees they would like removed, I am there. Neighbors who want a tree down, I am there.
    I have never paid for seasoned, cut, split and delivered.
    I bought and had to haul 5 cords of four foot lengths two years in a row. ($95 a cord)
    Last year I opted to buy tree length. One truckload delivered and dumped at the house worked out to 8 cords and cost $700 total.
    I have oil for back up but I have only filled the tank once in 3 1/2 years and there is still a quarter of a tank left.
    I look at getting through the winter as a challenge. The less I pay for the heat in my home, the more I feel that I won!
  6. WoodPorn

    Minister of Fire

    Aug 24, 2009
    South of the beloved Patriots
    Scrounge, beg, plead,...... any means possible, I search craigslist, post ads for tree removal, relatives, ....whatever gets me the wood free.
    I don't knock those who don't have the time,....but it's been 6 years burning now and I have yet to pay for firewood!
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