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    Nov 6, 2013
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    in need of some help if I may ?? I have an old 1780's home in NY . The oil boiler is a PV83wt burnem ,with a loop of 1"1/4 around the basement with smaller copper t off of that ,in and out . they go to the radiators through out the house . Now I just added a wood boiler thermo- control 550 . We just piped into the loop . Is that right or do I need to have a storage tank ?? the current system has an expansion tank and taco pump . I can give you more details if needed but I need to start some were for I am getting no were right now as in 70 degree water serc through the house at max please help ..

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    Nov 17, 2005
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    The science of hydronics is quite complicated, and explaining it all in a post is going to be very difficult. It sounds like you have a one pipe system - this is quite normal.

    But as far as the control and how you pipe the wood boiler in, there are lots of variables.

    First thing - can you point us to the specs on that boiler? I don't see that exact model number on the thermo-control site.
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