Wood: Buying cut, split, delivered vs. buying uncut logs vs. Scrounging

BrowningBAR Posted By BrowningBAR, May 15, 2012 at 3:43 PM


Do you buy wood cut, split, delivered? Do you buy uncut logs? Or do you scrounge?

  1. Cut, Split, Delivered

  2. Uncut Logs

  3. Scrounge

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  1. mfglickman

    Minister of Fire

    Jan 17, 2012
    NW CT
    We do a bit of both. We bought most of what we'll burn next year and we've hooked up with a tree company to deliver most of the following season's wood, cut and split, for around $120/cord (all hardwood). The tree service also said they'd add us to their "rounds" list where they call and if you want 'em they'll drop a load of rounds off at your house. DH has been scrounging wood the neighboring towns have been cutting along the power lines as well. We have neighbors who let us take a couple of their downed trees, and we have a couple of oaks down behind our house (3-4 30-40 foot trees that are off the ground but uprooted and hanging across a stream - a bit puzzling how to attack them without having them stand back up...).

    I think we have enough kindling to open a shop. ;)
  2. mfglickman

    Minister of Fire

    Jan 17, 2012
    NW CT
    DexterDay, are you a Stihl dealer? Holy chainsaws!!!!
  3. Pallet Pete

    Pallet Pete

    We scrounge beg and grovel for wood ;lol so far it has paid off for us to go the free route and we have been blessed by good friends who let us cut. I do occasionally buy wood but so far it has been very little.

  4. BrowningBAR

    Minister of Fire

    Jul 22, 2008
    Doylestown, PA
    I'm okay being labeled a 'mark' in this particular situation.
  5. clr8ter

    Feeling the Heat

    Oct 4, 2010
    Southern NH
    I voted for scrounge. Although I did buy 6 cord last year cut/split/delivered. I have scrounged WAY more than I have bought. To be honest, I can't wait for the "Free" wood to stop. I CANNOT pass it up, but it's killing me. After it finally does run out, I will probably goo with C/S/D green, at least for a while.......
  6. firefighterjake

    Minister of Fire

    Jul 22, 2008
    Unity/Bangor, Maine
    I cut the trees down. I buck the trees up. I split the bucked up wood. I stack the splits. I move the splits to the woodshed. I move the splits to the porch. I move the splits to the woodbox. I move the splits to the wood stove. I move the ash to the ash bucket. I dump the ash outside near a tree. It's the circle of life . . . and for me it's oh so therapeutic . . . it's work, but it's enjoyable work.
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  7. PapaDave

    Minister of Fire

    Feb 23, 2008
    Northern MI - in the mitten
    Jeez Jake, since you put it THAT way, I'm gonna' go have another cup of coffee.;lol
    I've thought of spelling it out like that (actually have...to myself), but I think I'd add way too much detail.
    Even the hardcore among us might get catatonic._g
  8. Bad Wolf

    Bad Wolf
    Minister of Fire

    Jun 13, 2008
    Eastern CT
    I bought c/s/d the first two years, now I scrounge. Costs are:
    1100 gal oil @$3.5/gal =$3,850
    8 cords c/s/d @$220/cord =$1,760 a $2,090 savings
    8 cords log length @ $110/cord = $880 $880 savings over c/s/d (4hr/cord to c/s = $27.50hr not bad)
    8 cords scrounge @ $20 cord for gas.= $160 $720 saving over log length (3 hr/cord to scrounge = $30.00hr)

    I like the bragging rights of being able to say my heat is essentially free. It’s almost OCD, to get the wood stacked up for each successive year. There is a big sense of accomplishment in having it all stacked up and knowing it was basically free.

    I’m finally getting to the point where I’m a year ahead, (2013-14 almost done) and with any luck I’ll have 2014-15 put up by the end of the summer.
  9. velvetfoot

    Minister of Fire

    Dec 5, 2005
    Sand Lake, NY
    Don't have a truck or wood trailer, or time, so I buy wood. I've been processing log length tri-axle truck loads lately. Last couple of times I found a good deal on cut and split they weren't such good deals. It's nice to get exactly the size split you want as well, even though I'm at a standard 16" length. It is fun too...to a point.
  10. Rage_Perry

    New Member

    Dec 20, 2011
    Central Iowa
    This past winter I bought everything, although I would also grab just a few pieces of my green wood that I had sitting around to mix in for overnight burns.

    This past weekend I just finished splitting/stacking everything for this coming winter and I hope it will be enough. Right around 5 cords- all scrounged from either nearby groves, city composts, FreeCycle inquiries or family that needed some timber cut.

    I have tried to talk to a tree care guy in the next town over about getting pricing for full cords either already cut and split or for logs, but he just seems to have an issue getting around schtick of being stuck to just selling by the truckload- $70/loose load.

    Another friend of mine sells it but I don't think that he has the volume to sell me what I need. He cuts for himself, his brother and the occasional soul out there who wants to buy a load once in a while; but he also doesn't really properly season his wood either.

    The only other outfitter that I know of in the area charges $240/cord delivered but they don't deliver out to me. On top of that, I can heat with natural gas for that amount.
  11. weatherguy

    Minister of Fire

    Feb 20, 2009
    Central Mass
    me too ;) , I save about 700-800 gallons of oil a year burning wood so thats close to a $3000 savings, if I pay $150 a cord for 4 cords Im still ahead $2600, I did buy two cords last week for $150 a cord so I can get three years ahead but I usually try and get it free.
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