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    I have a question about Wood stove inserts and their fans. I am living in a house with a Squire Stove insert all the information (original) I have on the stove states there is a thermostat and 2 buttons on the fan which it doesn't. The fan is 2 speed though. My question is since there is not a thermostat when I go to sleep at night should I leave the fan ON (high or low) or OFF? I don't want to wake to cold air being blown around but I don't want to shut off the fan and have it damage the insert or worse. What is the best procedure? I looked at Stove Partds Unlimited (stoveparts@aol.com) and they had 2 replacement fans but neither said anything about a thermostat so I don't know if mine had one and is broke or if it never had one. Again should the fan be on or off? Hoping not to freeze in the morning but not burn down the house either.


    Most squire stoves did have a thermodisc which only turned the fan on when the stove was hot enough. Early models had two switches one was for manual/thermostat and the other for the two speed fan. Newer models had the manual/thermostat and a vari-speed.

    You can easily remove the fan drawer and check to see if a thermodisc exists. It will be a round silver (maybe sprayed black on top) disc on the top front of the blower tray.

    The blower does not represent any fire danger, but you are correct that it could blow coller air around. My advice until you settle the thermostat questions: 1. If the fire is very low or on the way out when you go to bed, turn the blower off. 2. If the fire is still going well and/or you load for overnight use, put the fan on the lower speed.

    You can also purchase vari-speed controls which allow you to change the blower speed. These plug into your wall socket and then the blower plugs into them. Email the folks at stoveparts and ask about these.

    Link: Stove Parts Unlimited site

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