wood pellet stove use during pregnancy

fjalexander Posted By fjalexander, Nov 24, 2008 at 7:02 PM

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  1. fjalexander

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    Nov 24, 2008
    Hello all, I have a question about stove use, particularly break-in, in a house with a pregnancy. We just found out my wife is pregnant, and we had recently bought a wood pellet insert (St. Croix York). We have been using the stove for a month now. The manual says break in is two-weeks continous burn or 15 bags of pellets. Dealer says it should be shorter than that. I have burned the stove on high with all windows open and attic fan running, and most of the smell has gone. Per the manual, we run it on high for 30 minutes each day. I sometimes still faintly smell something - and open the windows to get it out. No smell at all if running on less than high.

    During the break-in period - before we knew my wife was prego - she did smell some of this stuff, but very small exposure. Now that we know she's pregnant, I'm considering not using the stove at all - I'm concerned there could still be some curing paint fumes. Does anybody have any information (web links) on health issues with pellet stoves, particularly during break-in period (curing paint fumes)?

    Aside from the break-in period, should the use of a pellet stove be avoided during pregnancy?

    Thanks for your comments.
  2. BubbRubb

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    Dec 19, 2007
    Hagerstown, MD
    First of all, congratulations to you and your wife on the great news. I can't comment on the initial fumes, but would probably be safe saying it isn't wise to inhale it whether you are pregnant or not. After the smell subsides, it shouldn't matter about heating with the stove. Just have a CO detector in the house, but you should have one of those anyway. Keep your wife warm this winter with that stove.
  3. tinkabranc

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    Oct 23, 2007
    South Coast MA
    No need to avoid the stove, but she will now have a good excuse not to lug
    those bags of pellets around anymore :lol:

    BTW- congrats!
  4. hossthehermit

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    May 17, 2008
    Maine, ayuh, by gorry
    Congrats, good timing, exercise is good for pregnant women, by the time she needs to cut down from those 40 # bags, it ' ll be May. By next season, she'll be all healed up again, and ready to tote. My hat is off to you.
  5. smirnov3

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    Feb 7, 2006
    Eastern Ma
    Using the pellet stove during pregnancy is not a problem - all the smoke goes up the chimney, and there is little enough of it so that what settles around your house should not be a problem

    CLEANING your pellet stove is another issue
    I would recommend that your wife NOT be in the same room while you clean the stove.
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