wood prices dropping here

DavidV Posted By DavidV, Feb 16, 2006 at 10:15 AM

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  1. DavidV

    New Member

    Nov 20, 2005
    Richmond VA
    I've noticed the price of wood in the paper going down a bit as winter went on. Started really seeing a drop from $90 a pickup load to 65 a load in Jan. This week I saw $125 a cord or $70 a half cord seasoned hardwood delivered. Heck at that price I could nearly be tempted to tobuy wood myself.......of course if I did that, what would my kids do for chores??
  2. Mike Wilson

    Mike Wilson
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    Nov 19, 2005
    Orient Point, NY
    Around me there are 2 types of wood dealers... the "by the cord" guys, and the "5 dollar pile" guys. The cord guys have hept their prices the same, but the 5 dollar pile guys have doubled the size of the pile you get for 5 bucks. Most of these people are just homeowners trying to make an extra buck, and I am sure the wife is telling them to get rid of all that wood piled up on the front lawn so the daffodils and tulips can sprout. Plus the only people buying that stuff are the summer home people who come out for a weekend and want a cozy fire, not real woodburners.
    If the cord dealers came doen in price I might consider buying some, but with all the warm weather this winter I have a whole extra cord that I won't be burning, sitting on the side of the yard... piled up against the other 2 cord I stacked for next year... so I think we're almost set here.

    Supposed to be 55 degrees today, the stove is getting her weekly cleanout this afternoon, cold weather approaching tomorow.

    -- Mike
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