Q&A Wood Stoves, Kerosene Heaters--Scary Articles in the press

Post in 'Questions and Answers' started by QandA, May 20, 2004.

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    Do you know anything about the somewhat scary articles I've been reading about wood stoves- wood fireplaces- Kerosene heaters and carbon monoxide poisoning?


    Wood stoves and inserts have really been no problem. This is for the following reasons:
    1. They are vented up a chimney
    2. Wood Smoke smells..so you know if the stove is putting stuff in the air

    Kerosene heaters have the problem of having no chimney. Coal stoves can have a problem cause they produce carbon monoxide (so does your oil and gas furnace). As long as the chimney works- all of these items are OK. The new "Vent-Free" stoves and gas logs have been causing some concern- because- like kerosene heaters- they have no vent. The leftover products of combustion are vented into the house. You're on the right track with a wood insert !

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