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    We recently bought a house with a huge stone fireplace (opening 54" x 45" x 30" deep), but the flue is totally inadequate. We'd like to install a wood burning stove into this space so it can be used for heat and cooking during power outages. The existing chimney is clean, inspected, solid and has a good draft. What do we need to retrofit the flue to accommodate a wood burning stove?


    You need something called a "flex kit". It costs about 150 bucks. It is a stainless steel flexible oval pipe that runs up into the flue liner. You take your damper out, or block it so it stays open. You put a special plate in it's place. This plate seals off the damper and allows the flex line to come through. The flex line connects to a 24 gauge piece of pipe that then connects to the stove. There's also some support braces to keep this flex line standing upright into the existing flue liner.

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