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zero clearance, lopi revere, napoleon 1400i

Post in 'The Hearth Room - Wood Stoves and Fireplaces' started by trumpster, Dec 2, 2008.

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  1. trumpster

    trumpster Member

    Dec 1, 2008
    North Eastern WI
    Hello All!
    I've got a Lopi Revere with a flex. SS liner in a masonry fireplace in a poorly insulated drafty old house of about 3000 sq. ft. With proper fan placement and staying at home all day feeding it wood to the tune of 700-800 degrees it does an O.K. job. A newer addition was put on the house (before I bought it) and a zero clearance piece of junk was installed. I have a Napoleon 1400i just sitting on my porch. I am considering swapping the Lopi out with the Napoleon and installing the Lopi in the ZC. I don't know the anatomy of a ZC or what a ZC's chimney liner is like. The Lopi manual states it can be installed in a ZC but I am confused about the liner. With safety being the big factor here... do ZC's chimney's tolerate less heat? Do I have to remove the liner and install another? Are liner's ever installed inside another liner? The Lopi calls for a 6" liner if the ZC's is 6" can I just hook up to that? Will I get more heat out of the Napoleon over the Lopi if I do the swap only and nothing more? I am also considering selling one of my inserts and installing a gas unit in the ZC. Answers/suggestions, advice/advise please.

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  2. kd460

    kd460 Feeling the Heat

    Feb 5, 2006
    Your ZC flue is probably 8 inches ID (correct me if I am wrong). The ZC pipe will not handle the heat from the Lopi, so like your manual says, you do need the liner. The liner is designed to handle the higher heat levels your Lopi will create (as compared to heat levels from a plain old ZC fireplace flue).

    First thing I would do is measure the ID of the ZC fireplace flue so you are sure of the exact dimensions. Also let us know what make and model your ZC fireplace is.

    As far as comparison of the two inserts, can't help you there, but I am sure others will.

    Finally, if it is 8 inch, then the liner will fit. But still no garantees that the insert will fit and things like the flue and liner will line up/everything works. If it is 6 inch, then your kind of stuck, but you still have other more expensive and more involved options. KD
  3. polaris

    polaris Feeling the Heat

    Jan 31, 2008
    I installed a Jotul Castine in a zc. It had a 8" flu and the six inch liner went right in. I know people regularly hook them up without a liner but it's not the best idea. A zc is usually rated at 1700 degress where a stove liner would be rated at 2100. Most zc are double walled air cooled. Use a liner and use the right clearances and you should be fine. I know most if not all new Jotuls are approved for use in a zc provided the proper steps are followed.
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