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Drolet Escape 1800. Enjoying all the hard work and planning for this installation to our "New" used home. Thanks everyone for all the information I received from this site!

Are you using LED strip lights behind it? Our stove corner is very dark when we aren’t burning, but I have been a bit nervous about putting lights near the pipe out of a probably unfounded fear of the heat damaging something.
They are actually 1/2"puck lights that are dimmable. Just had surgery but will get some more information on how I put it all together soon.
The beam is chestnut from a 240 year old barn. I cut a channel across the back for wiring and drilled and installed all lights and switch. The transform got buried behind the brick and just ran leads where beam would hide them. Beam was hung on wall by means of 5/8 rebar 3"into studs and 4" into beam. Hasn't fell yet, lol. All clearances where met without brick wall, but that's the look that I wanted, so up it went. Thanks for your kind words, I spent a lot of hours working and head scratching about how to bring it all together. Hope it gives you some good ideas! The lights are mini 12v can lights 1/2" and the switch is a 3/4" touch off on dimmer. Haven't figured how to add pictures to this response yet so you'll have to use the imagination, always looks better that way anyhow, lol

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