Aims 1250 Inverter

Aims 1250 Inverter

Aims Inverter with 100ah battery
You get 6 hours of continuous run time on this setup? That is awesome and might be worth looking into... I've lost power about 3 to 4 times a year the past couple years and the average is about 4-6 hours each time. If i could forego starting the generator (pellet stove is sole heat source) that would be awesome. Is there any info on the hookup or is it fairly straightforward?
Pretty straight forward. Hookup battery. Just make sure you get 4awg wires. I got 4ft wires. You need thick ones.

Plus to Plus and so on. Plug that unit into wall and plug stove into unit. I got Kill a Watt for Free with it at below. Don't forget trip to Hardware for hardware to hookup. With code Pm120 you get the free power meter. Neat gizmo (really worthless when you know the numbers)

I got 100AH new battery. If you want to save $$$ wrecking yards sell used batteries. But you get what you pay for.

I plan on new battery next year for 12 hours of run time.

I also have Generator, but don't want to go to the hassle to power it up (all manual) for just few hours. Longest power outages in 7+ years has been 4 hours. Local Electric guy is next door.

I have run 2 tests and got 6 hours before it started beeping (Inverter). I bet it would have run another 30 min or more. I keep 2 more batteries I can steal. One for starting generator and one off Rolls Royce SCIII under Restoration. It does not eave the garage in winter. I could grab battery out of Wife's car too if needed. Convertibles not great Winter Cars.

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