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  • 1B4CF7CD-0511-4494-81AC-ECF230C6186A.jpeg
    No what I'm saying is, it Never really living up to the stoves full potential I feel. 1) Flue / Chimney is regularly cleaned by me 2xs a year...
  • Mantle with Brick Fill / Extension
    I'd love to see completed pix of this- I have the exact same mantle and I did a surround in Motawi tile. I haven't figured out how to post...
  • New Stove
    When I turn the pellet stove on thermostat why does the stove bounce from high temp to low temp.
  • The Earth Stove 100 Series
    I just bought a home and it has this exact model in it! I've seen many different 100 series pictures that have different edging and knobs, etc...
  • Setup
    Replacement grommet https://www.ghpgroupinc.com/product-details/229-0171.html for pellet stove PH50PS arrived. No amount of pressure will install...

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