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Geneva Oak Andes #517
This is a Geneva Oak Andes #517 that I restored.
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Beautiful! Buddy of mine has a stove very similar to this. He has it in his cabin on the lake. He had the cabin and the stove restored years ago, and we'd go ice fishing there and warm ourselves with the stove. He's too busy now, but lots of fond memories fishing there and spending time around that stove. Thank you for sharing!
Thanks for the compliments! I restored that stove last winter, I really enjoyed working on it. I have more money tied up in the nickel plating than I did in the whole rest of the stove. Still deciding if I want to put it up for sale or not...hate to part with it.
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As for selling: Every artist must part with some work. Don't be sad about that. It just means you allow others to enjoy your endeavors and skills. And if others are willing to pay well for your work, that is always a good ego boost. ;)

But... Don't be modest. Get a damn good price (cough) profit (cough) for your efforts!
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