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  1. D

    Can anyone identify this antique please?

    If anyone has any insight into what this wood stove is, I would be very thankful for any information. If anyone has any insight into what this wood stove is, We have recently inherited it and it weighs a bloody ton! It’s made in West Germany has some numbers on it, but we can’t find it online...
  2. J

    Can anyone identify my stove?

    Ho everyone, we recently brought a Victorian Terrace and this multi fuel stove has been part of the house for a long time, and still in use. Would anyone know what kind of era or make this might be? Thank you.
  3. A

    Request for help identifying and value

    Hi, I am new to this forum, so thank you first of all for clicking into my post and giving your time. My parents have a very old regency freestanding wood stove and the back labelled 1985 July and the house was built in the 50's Could anyone help me to identify the model of this regency stove...
  4. K

    Info on Lange Wood Stove 6304A

    Hi there! I recently purchased a Lange cast iron wood stove. I am thinking this model was not sold in the U.S. as I cannot find any info about it online. I believe it is model #6304A, this number is on each of the legs. This community has been so helpful that I thought I’d reach out to answer...
  5. H

    Help identifying old cast iron stove

    Hi. I acquired an old stove and have no idea what it is. The prior owner has passed so there’s no information available off hand. I searched the stove high and low for any markings but couldn’t find any. All I can seem to gather is that it is an Victorian box style wood stove. Any help would be...
  6. C

    need help identifying old stove

    hello I recently bought a house and in the basement is this old coal stove (at least I think it's a coal stove) it is made by agricola furnace company i have spent the past 2 hours trying to find some information on this and cant find much of anything and there is no pictures of an agricola that...
  7. D

    Info about old cast iron stove, possibly antique

    Hi! I found this old stove buried in my backyard and I can't find out much about it. The closest thing I could find was an Ebay listing for a "vintage regency" stove. It says "Taiwan" and "Fjord 16" as well as has these gorgeous pictures of a girl listening to a boy playing violin on both sides...
  8. S

    Info on and Antique Lange Svendborg 6203

    Hi, I've had this Lange Svendborg 6203BR (I think that's what it is) in my basement for years. I replaced it with a Vermont Castings when I realized the burn plates were bending ;sick .... and it just wasn't big enough for my house. I know almost nothing about it but was wondering if you all...
  9. J

    Parts of a Pot Belly Stove - that ring around the perimeter

    I am in the process of making a pot-belly stove for a theatrical prop, because the real ones are to heavy to be moving around. But, this has perked my interest in these things. Many pot-belly stoves have a ring around the perimeter, that has many holes in them. On some they are chrome, but on...
  10. J

    Would love some help identifying old fireplace!

    Hey all. First post here, currently in the process of exposing and restoring an old fireplace in my circa 1880 home. I've attached some photos of the original metal fireplace I have exposed and am restoring. I would just love to find out some more about the fire place who made it etc, if anyone...
  11. C

    Installing Antique Wood Stove in Denver

    Apologies if this topic has been posted before. I have a Walker and Pratt “Good Cheer 2” antique cast iron fireplace. I want to install it in my home in Denver. Being as old as it is, I don’t think it’s UL approved. Does anyone know if this can still be installed in my home as long as I follow...
  12. Geneva Oak Andes #517

    Geneva Oak Andes #517

    This is a Geneva Oak Andes #517 that I restored.
  13. ChainsawDave

    Old Potbelly in a Small Space Help

    Hey everybody, I'm new to wood stoves and this is my first post. I wanted to run some things by the folks here to see if this project of mine was a going to work out. I've been researching like crazy, which I always do on my homestead projects, but wanted advice because there's more danger...
  14. H

    Old Buffalo Stove ID - New Member

    Hello all! My parents picked up this cool stove a few years back, but we never could find anything on it until now. the paint is chipping off in a few places, but it is all original, no repair welds or cracks, original handles, bolts, and feet. Pretty cool piece for sure. I found this section...
  15. J

    Can anyone help with info on an old stove?

    Hi-I just purchased a house that was built in 1943 and I am removing the old stove. I am wondering if anyone has information to share as I'm going to attempt to sell it (if it's worth anything) or give it away to whomever will move it (its pretty freakin heavy!). It measures 34" high, 26" wide...
  16. S

    Agricola Supreme Wood/Coal burning cooktop

    Hello, I'm looking for any information on Agricola Furnaces and Stoves. I have one and can't seem to find much on these stoves! I'll post a photo. I'd love to find out what they are worth. Not looking to sell, it's an amazing piece for our cabin! Looking to collect more as I just aquired a 1930s...
  17. A

    Can you help me identify this stove?

    While cleaning out the garage, my sister found on old iron stove, apparently my brother-in-laws grandparents had this stove in their living room when he was a child, he does not know how long it had been there before he was born. It has a little metal tag that, as far as we can read it, says...
  18. H

    Never seen a stove like this..?

    Hey guys, I'm new to the stove world and am hunting for a small stove for my tiny home. I stumbled upon this, which seems too large for my purposes, but I would be willing to restore and sell it. But, what is this? I've never even seen one shaped like this. Is it saveable/sellable? Any info...
  19. P

    Fawcett Torrid Oil Emblem

    Hi there, I recently came across this little Fawcett Torrid Oil emblem and was told that it's a stove emblem. It's very light weight, and I think it might be bronze or something. It measures approx 4 1/4" inches in height, 4 1/4" inches in length. Just wondering if anyone here would know the...