Can anyone identify my stove?

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Dec 30, 2023
Ho everyone, we recently brought a Victorian Terrace and this multi fuel stove has been part of the house for a long time, and still in use.
Would anyone know what kind of era or make this might be? Thank you.

IMG20231230115731.jpg IMG20231230115257.jpg
I’ve seen a number of stoves just like it. Is there anything on the back? Is there a tag? Does it say Taiwan?

You’re missing a set of legs.
I have scanned the back and sides and cannot find anything (given restraints of it being fitted in situ) we know it's pre 1995 installation. Missing legs?
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It might be UK or Scandavian made and never sold here. If you can see the back, look all around the stove for something identifying the country of origin or the manufacturer that is in a casting.
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