Request for help identifying and value

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Nov 13, 2023
Hi, I am new to this forum, so thank you first of all for clicking into my post and giving your time.

My parents have a very old regency freestanding wood stove and the back labelled 1985 July and the house was built in the 50's

Could anyone help me to identify the model of this regency stove and what value it has? The condition looks amazing and has been kept very well. Thank you again!
Just guessing, but it might be a Regency R5 or its predecessor.
The tag says Regency small freestanding is the model. Very creative lol
Yeah I would think there was an actual model number. And the WH 20366 also didn't mean anything from googling haha
Thanks so far!
Is there a secondary air tube under the baffle?
Yes, it's a pre-EPA model. Regency Small it is. The value is around $250-300, mostly with the help of the condition, nickel door, and blower. I'm not sure if the full bricks are original. Normally half bricks are used.
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Yeah it's from 1985 and the house was built in the 50's so I wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't fully original over that many years. But I am pretty surprised by how good the condition is
It might have only been used during power outages or major cold snaps.