1. S

    What are my options for installing a wood stove in my living room?

    A few years ago I was interested in putting in a wood stove in my living room that currently has a fireplace. The guy who stopped by my house to quote said that my fireplace has a "zig-zag flue" so the liner couldn't be installed. He seemed sort of disinterested and didn't stay for long so I...
  2. JustisWay

    Looking to buy used freestanding for primary heat

    Hello. We live in Northern Idaho, on Lake Pend Orielle. We have a 2,300 sq ft home (basement included). I'd say the main level is about 1,200 sq ft? and we have our master bedroom in a loft style room upstairs, so it's vaulted with tongue and groove/beams. In the basement there's a Russian...
  3. N

    Energy Tech information needed

    I bought a home that has an Energy Tech fireplace insert installed and I am having trouble finding information for it. I'm looking for an owner's manual or something similiar. Any information is much appreciated.
  4. I

    Identifying the Make/Model of this Freestanding Fireplace

    Hi All! I just picked up this awesome mid-century freestanding fireplace and am trying to learn which company made it. It doesn't have the same shape as the typical Preway, and it has legs that seem closer to what was offered by Majestic, though it doesn't have the screen type that most...
  5. F

    Hearthstone III find looking for some guidance!

    So lucky me, while trolling the Internet I found this... how some like me would say a BEAUTY. Cost? Just the gas to pick it up. In my book, I consider that "ahead". So now down to the nitty gritty and hopefully some help from some hearthstone III veterans, or newbies who own one of these...
  6. VirginiaIron

    Country Hearth US Stove 3000

    We did not find a lot of online user information that we thought was valuable, so the purpose of this thread is to provide some information, hopefully valuable, for those individuals who might be considering this particular stove. I get buyers remorse very easily, so I did all my research and...
  7. 19glendale

    Liner Questions ... Please help

    I will be installing a 6" 25' liner in my chimney. I'm planning to get a kit off ebay (from a retailer), specifically the: "Smoothwall 2Ply .013 Chimney Liner Insert Kit w/ Insulation" for Rockford Chimney supply for $635. This seems to be the highest price point liner they sell, so I hope it...
  8. 19glendale

    Insurance for freestanding stove in fireplace?

    I hope to put a very small freestanding UL approved stove (as opposed to insert) into my traditional masonry fireplace hearth. It will have all the required 6” liner and 16”+ non-combustible surface in front of the stove. I am in Virginia. Obviously I plan to include it in my homeowner’s...
  9. C

    Please help identify my fireplace

    Can anyone help me identify this stove? It was installed in a house we bought and my insurance broker is saying that if I cannot get them a make/model and CSA or ULC cert number that I may have to remove it before they will insure me. I moved it to the garage and checked every piece for a...