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Feb 28, 2023
Hello newbie here.

Just picked up this freestanding stove or fireplace and have spent many hours searching online. Found maybe 3-4 posts or listings for sale or already sold but seems as though nobody can actually ID it or has a model or manufacturer of the item. Always listed as mid century and key word malm, preway, mcm. The one I picked up has three foil stickers on the base all three are illegible aside from one which the only part that can be made out is the word model it looks as though beside it it might have been written by hand and although in pretty good condition I can’t make out a single character on any of the decals. It’s made from a fairly thick gauge steel ( not cast). And the top is what I believe to be porcelain enamel .

Help ID this wood stove
It's likely made by one of those manufacturers or maybe Majestic, but hard to ID otherwise. There were several mid-century makes and models. It's a nice-looking fireplace. Good find.
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I tried google image search (called "Lens") and found a few examples. Here is one: Malm OPAL out of Santa Rosa,CA.