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  1. A

    Lopi Greenstart Alternatives?

    My wife and I just purchased some property and we’re going to be building a new home. I want to use a wood stove and heat pump as our heating system. I came across the Lopi Greenstart ignition system and I like the idea of it, most especially for my wife. If the weather is bad enough I end up...
  2. M

    Stove leaking water out of the bottom - Green Mountain 40

    Hi All, I'm hoping to get some guidance, as my wood stove has been doing something really strange lately. My stove (Hearthstone Green Mountain 40) drips a fairly significant amount of water out of the bottom of the stove only when I start a fire. It leaks a fair bit dripping out of a few spots...
  3. C

    Broken Soapstones

    Hello! I recently took apart my Hearthstone II and some of the stone have broke. One is broken and three places another is broken in half. I am having a difficult time finding someone who sells soapstone. Could limestone or granite be used as a replacement? Thanks!
  4. J

    Jotul 118 first install

    Hello all, new to forum. I have a jotul 118 wood burning stove and I am struggling to meet the install code requirements (or even figure them out). Attached is the area I intend to put the stove. The thimble was preexisting so I will be getting a new 6in for stove. I am willing to build a shield...
  5. C

    Is this staining on my chimney cap normal?

    I have a three flue chimney in a house I just bought. I’ve had a stainless steel liner installed for my wood stove in my basement (2 story house) the guys also cleaned it and installed a brand new cap (seen in photo) I was walking my dog smelling the fire which I like and looked up noticing...
  6. T

    Lopi Evergreen

    Hello, This past weekend I put money down to hold a Lopi Evergreen Stove, as they had a couple non-hybrid models left in stock. I've never owned a wood stove before. I've done quite a bit of reading on here and research. I'm starting to wonder if I should go with the Endeavor, due to it...
  7. S

    My Woodstove single wall pipe is 8 inches from my log walls

    I bought a smallish log home with an expensive Danish Woodstove. It's beautiful and works very well, but the pipe is 6 inch single wall. It's not flimsy, thin aluminum - it's hefty steel, but it's about 14 inches from the wooden logs of the wall, and about 8 inches from a beam up towards the...
  8. S

    This is a HEATFORM correct ?

    I’ve been doing all of the research I can hoping for a definitive answer as I’m planning on installing a wood burning stove insert come this summer In preparation for next winter. I believe what I have is a heatilator fireplace which is not a zero clearance fireplace and should be surrounded by...
  9. Z

    Help ID this wood stove

    Hello newbie here. Just picked up this freestanding stove or fireplace and have spent many hours searching online. Found maybe 3-4 posts or listings for sale or already sold but seems as though nobody can actually ID it or has a model or manufacturer of the item. Always listed as mid century...
  10. M

    New Woodstover Questions - Green Mountain 40

    Hey everyone, I’m a longtime reader and this is my first post. I want to start off by thanking everyone who regularly contributes to the forums as I’ve used what I’ve learned on here to pick my wood stove (a Hearthstone Green Mountain 40). So far I love it and have had a few successful fires! I...
  11. J

    What is that?

    What’s the brown stuff on the walls inside the woodstove there … is it safe?
  12. J

    How to remove these stains?

    Best way to clean off these stains? I read ammonia, soap, and salt, but not sure if anyone has any experience with this? Our glass cleaner says for masonry aswell not sure if that would work?
  13. J

    Englander 24-ACD What size catalytic combustor do I need?

    Englander 24-ACD/50-SHW24 Manual says 1inch and 3 inch. The housing unit I ordered is apparently 2 inches. Was able to find one to be delivered here on Tuesday. Without the housing unit, it measures 2inches tall inside the stove. I’d imagine it’d be 3 inches? But maybe I’m wrong. I’m going to...
  14. B

    Wood stove in fireplace was the plan. Currently on Plan D. Clearance help

    Hello! I have a 1971 home that had a premanufactured fireplace nestled inside of a masonry chimney. We thought we could remove it and install a free-standing wood stove in place of the fireplace. After burning up my Sawzall blades and cut off discs I purchased a plasma cutter to assist in...
  15. T

    Mansfield, First cat stove - operating questions

    I had the new Hearthstone Mansfield stove installed this year and have been running it for a week now, and have a couple questions for folks more experienced than I with operating cat stoves: 1. After reloading, is it ok to engage the catalyst right away if it’s well in the active range still...
  16. T

    Brick and drywall behind stove - noncombustible or not?

    Hi, I am having a stove installed in my living room and the wall behind it is covered in 3.5" of brick, which is in front of drywall with a 1" air gap between the two materials. There's also a stone mantel which covers the top of the brick and the air gap. Am I correct in understanding that the...
  17. Y

    Just one more post about (traditional) yurts

    Hi all I've been driving myself a little research crazy over the past few days but it's been difficult to find a situation quite like mine, so some general input would be appreciated! I have a ~500 sq foot traditional yurt (which means 2 layers of ~1 inch thick wool felt insulation on the...
  18. B

    Advice on Papa Bear Stove

    Good Afternoon, I am thinking about this Papa Bear wood stove from criagslist. I never had a woodstove before but our new house has a place for it. I am not sure how to rate the condidtion of this stove. What do you think? Here are the pictures. Also what are peoples thoughts on older...
  19. Sifan7x7

    Super insert LE vs summit insert LE

    Okay fellas, decided To install a wood stove insert due to clearance issues with a free standing stove. So I’m debating between the super LE and the summit LE. I have a 1200 square ft two story brick house built in 1940 so the insulation isn’t the best. It’s a open floor plan with 2 ceiling...
  20. O

    Suggestions for heating small 200 sq uninsulated cabin

    Hey All! I was wondering if you had any suggestions on what type of woodstove would be best to heat this small, uninsulated cabin. I have attached a video showing where the cracks are and would also love some feedback regarding the best way to seal those up? Thanks for any tips!
  21. S

    Did my roofers mess up my chimney?

    Recently had my roof replaced and after the job my outer pipe for my chimney was off center, roofers said it wasn’t a problem but recently my chimney started leaking smoke into my house at the top near the ceiling. I’m trying to work with my roofers to resolve this but they don’t think that the...
  22. T

    Fisher mama bear 6inch damper

    Hey everyone, I recently bought my house and it has a Fisher mama bear in the basement. It has two manual dampers on the door, but a circle pipe damper sitting on top. I can’t find out if the previous owner pulled it out or if it was just laying around. Can anyone tell me if it’s supposed to be...
  23. K

    Correct stove sizing for irregular layout in a small house

    Looking for advice on woodstove sizing given a non-traditional layout. I apologize in advance for the long post. Our house is 1100sq ft and well insulated. We are putting a woodstove in the living room. Our living room is long and narrow, 13ft wide x20ft deep. At the back of the living room is...
  24. C

    ID please.

    I know it’s Country Flame. Cannot find an exact model number anywhere. Have been directed to this site. I’ve been running it the last month and a half and has worked well for my 2,000 sq ft home. I’d just like to find out how I could run it more efficiently. Also if anyone has this same stove...
  25. S

    Ceiling clearance question

    Hi there! Just going to preface this by saying my husband and I are installing a wood stove for the first time and thus are wading through the very confusing rules & regulations around stove pipes.. trying our best to do it correctly :) Thought someone here may be able to help! We are trying...
  26. S

    Pacific Energy Vista vs Super inserts

    Looking for some help on which insert to buy for our house. The living room where the insert will sit is about 415 square feet with 8 ft ceilings. It then connects to a bedroom directly that is about 150 square feet. There is also a 8 foot hallway that connects to a room that’s about 115 square...
  27. R

    Wood stove insert selection

    I have the option of both of these units and I don’t know which one to choose. I have a 1500sqft house I’d like to heat pretty much with just friends this winter. I live in the Northeast in the suburbs of Philadelphia. Option one: The Earth Stove Bayview 400 wood burning fireplace insert with...
  28. 4

    HELP! Please!

    Hello I have a Vermont casting 1975 defiant that I have installed in my basement. it has a separate flu from my furnace but resides in the same chimney. Which is about 5 ft off the hight of the roof at one point but about level with the peak of the roof. The stove is piped to the chimney with a...
  29. PNWwoodstove

    From 8” chimney pipe to 6”pipe

    Hi, I picked up Vermont Castings Defiant Encore woodstove that had 8 inch piece of pipe with it. Although the opening in the stove is oval shape, I found the reducer to 6” in “Costal” for my particular stove. It’s an daapter from oval shape hole that fits 6 inch pipe. The newer version of...
  30. morganp107

    Best solution for a open sided fireplace

    Hi Folks, I recently purchased a new home with a fireplace. I'd like to install either a freestanding woodstove in it, or an insert, but I am not quite sure which solution is best. I'd be using this as supplemental heat for our main living area. The fireplace itself is a bit unique, with one...