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  1. T

    Advise on storm collars

    hello to all, Recently discovered that I had a leak coming down my chimney pipe( stainless double insulated 6 inch pipe/ 30 foot) and discovered that the calking has failed around my storm collar. Desided to use leak stopper( heavy tar plastic type material) I was wondering if it is safe to use...
  2. E

    Newbie advice please: evaluating used woodstoves for purchase

    Hi folks, My late father loved this forum and installed two vintage woodstoves with info from it. I have bought an old farmhouse with the heating gutted, and am looking into using a woodstove as a primary heat source in the barn, and a secondary in the house. I am seeking advice for a total...
  3. L

    New home: Fireplace or wood stove?

    We are building a 3500 sf ranch home outside of Philadelphia on 50 acres. We have 10 acres of woods that should give us enough wood to burn. In the center of the house in a great room we are planning a fireplace because one person really wants a fireplace more for the enjoyment of an open fire...
  4. Y

    Should I upgrade to Lopi 1750

    hi! I ended up getting the 1250i Lopi. We heat it up in our 1100 sq foot home. We can only get it up to 71 degrees though in the house while the rooms still not super hot. I was hoping for 80! Is this because we are not packing enough wood in? I mean I fit up to 3-4 logs at a time and seems...
  5. E

    Tips for First Inaugural burn in Insert

    Howdy Folks, I have my Century CW2900 being delivered today (finally!). The chimney guys are going to show up either today or tomorrow to hook it up to the existing SS liner in my chimney. In short, does anyone have any great tips for the first burn?? I have heard this is a gnarly...
  6. CodyR4

    Installing through the wall.

    Hi, I have decided to install my wood stove through the wall due to fear of asbestos being in my ceiling, my house is old af. So a couple questions I will provide pictures, does my stove already have a heat shield? Can I go through the wall DIRECTLY beside the window? If my wood stove does have...
  7. N

    Energy Tech information needed

    I bought a home that has an Energy Tech fireplace insert installed and I am having trouble finding information for it. I'm looking for an owner's manual or something similiar. Any information is much appreciated.
  8. Jacklumber

    Why do some wood stove or fireplaces below 2.0 g/h not meet EPA 2020?

    I had thought that FireplaceXtrordinair 42 Apex model advertised as being 0.7 g/h would have been compliant with the EPA 2020 particulate emissions standards. However, it states in the 42 Apex manual: "Certified to comply with 2015 particulate emissions standards. Not approved for sale after...
  9. E

    Suggestions /help picking a stove pretty please

    Looking for woodstove to heat a 960ft modular home in virginia (shorter version of a New England winter) Would like for it to be the primary source of heat. Non cat. Not cast iron, burn all night, glass door, no excessive decorations, not super modern looking. Built to last. I hope I'm not...
  10. E

    Greetings and Help Please

    Hello, My name is Tanya and I've been scouring the internet trying to find this stove's model number. Can anyone help?
  11. M

    Opinions on installing block off plate or not

    Hi I would appreciate thoughts on whether we should install a block off plate or not. We have a heritage house (built 1913) with fireplace and an unlined flue. It's an interior chimney, basically in the middle of the house. We are getting a Jotul F400 with 6" double walled stainless liner...
  12. D

    HearthStone II damper

    Hi All, I am new to this forum, while I was trying to find the solution of my problem I came across this forum and it seems very knowledgeable peoples are here. My problem is that I have a hearthstone II wood stove which I think installed in my home by previous owner. While I was using wood...
  13. H

    Black tar in stovepipe?

    So I noticed this dripping from my stovepipe today. It's a very very sticky black tar leaking from the joints on my stove pipe. I know it's creosote but my question is why. I just cleaned my pipe and installed a new liner less than 2 weeks ago so everything is clean. I burn a hot fire and only...
  14. webfish

    Don't have wood? Start working at it now!

    I wanted to replace my zero clearance in January 2014. Couldn't do it at that time. I started collecting and splitting wood instead. Here is my first pile in April 2014. I was not ready!! I took out my insert and installed a freestanding stove in May, 2016...
  15. A

    Heating 250 sq ft yurt

    Building a 250 sq ft yurt. I like the looks of the Morso Classic 2B but concerned about the 2 chambers on top come to meet the chimney pipe. Does this design complicate things? Compare to other small stoves - the small jotuls (forget the names) for example. Also the cigar box vs the smaller box...
  16. S

    Combifire floor protection: place woodstove on ceramic tile floor?

    Hi all, Newbie poster here. My husband and I have a beautiful old Jotul Combifire that we are fixing up to put into our house, largely based on great advice I have found on this website. The stove will be installed in a corner of a room. We have done all our research about heat shields and...
  17. webfish

    My journey from Zero Clearance to freestanding wood stove.

    Warning: Long post with pictures. When I started here in late 2013. I had a zero clearance Heat n Glo that was in the house. It never did heat. I have a geothermal system but in Minnesota we get some cold stretches. I hated if the electric supplement would turn on. Ran constantly and barely...
  18. 19glendale

    Liner Questions ... Please help

    I will be installing a 6" 25' liner in my chimney. I'm planning to get a kit off ebay (from a retailer), specifically the: "Smoothwall 2Ply .013 Chimney Liner Insert Kit w/ Insulation" for Rockford Chimney supply for $635. This seems to be the highest price point liner they sell, so I hope it...
  19. M

    Morso Squirrel Flue Collar Question

    I just installed a morso squirrel and during my first fire I noticed some smoke leaking from the flue collar joint. Any thoughts on what may be causing this? I installed the chimney pipe over the outside of flue collar (it was a super tight fit)...was this correct? Also wondering about my elbow...
  20. K

    Selling a Jøtul 118 and wondering fair asking price

    Hi I am selling a beautiful Jøtul 118 woodstove in great used condition. I'm wondering what a fair asking price would be given this is a high quality, fully functioning woodstove. Any and all advice is appreciated! Pics are attached to the thread. TECHNICAL SPEC Emission:3.43 gram/hr...
  21. 19glendale

    Insurance for freestanding stove in fireplace?

    I hope to put a very small freestanding UL approved stove (as opposed to insert) into my traditional masonry fireplace hearth. It will have all the required 6” liner and 16”+ non-combustible surface in front of the stove. I am in Virginia. Obviously I plan to include it in my homeowner’s...
  22. 19glendale

    New User; Advice Needed: Century S244 or Vogelzang Defender

    Advice needed. I have never owned a woodstove before. I have an 1800 sq ft house (3 floors including unfinished basement), built in 1946, in Northern Virginia. I want to put a freestanding woodstove in the masonry fireplace. I have decided against an insert because the living room is small, I...
  23. J

    Woodstove doesn't heat any more

    Been running woodstoves (steel, cast iron, etc) since I was a child. Current stove is fairly small steel firebox (approx 24 x 20 x 10 firebox) When first installed 20 years ago that thing was hotter than hell. Once you got a good set of coals, you could throw some wood on it, close the air...
  24. L

    L. Lange & Co. Stove 6302-3 KJ

    Hi all, I am looking for more info on the value of this wood burning stove. I am also selling it with the chimney as well. I tried searching the forums here, but I am having difficulty getting a clear picture of its value. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  25. webfish

    Wood Stoves and Fireplaces WOOD STOVE SHORT INTRODUCTION

    Wood stoves are wood-burning appliances that sit on the floor of the room, usually away from the wall. Some of the newer models may now be placed as close as 8 inches from the wall. Because they must be certified by the EPA, most newer wood stoves are clean burning and have relatively high...
  26. webfish


    Installing a Woodstove - The Basics on How to Install a Wood Burning Stove. . The Chimney * Insulated Metal Chimney * Masonry Chimneys * Installing into an Existing Fireplace or Chimney The Stovepipe * Single Wall Stovepipe * Close Clearance Stovepipe Floor and Wall Protection *...
  27. webfish


    by Ken Rajesky Over the many years in Technical Service during the early Fall, we would receive calls from customers complaining of awakening in the middle of the night to a smoke alarm, and finding a smoke filled room where their stove was located. Obviously this was disconcerting and prompted...