Wood stove insert selection

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Oct 2, 2019
Coatesville PA
I have the option of both of these units and I don’t know which one to choose. I have a 1500sqft house I’d like to heat pretty much with just friends this winter. I live in the Northeast in the suburbs of Philadelphia.

Option one: The Earth Stove Bayview 400 wood burning fireplace insert with blower.


Option two: DeVault Fab Weld Piping Company Old Mill Old Mill 55SI manufactured in August of 1981.

Both units seem to be in good condition.


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Both may need an 8" liner which could be hard to fit. Is none of the above a choice?
Hi. So I’m new to all this and trying to figure out everything. I understand an 8in liner but why would that be hard to fit?
It depends upon the size of your clay liner