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  1. A

    Leave in or remove?

    I posted previously about this heatform style metal fireplace and the possibility of an insert. Since then Ive removed the old granite stone work to expose and potentially remove the prefab unit to eventually knock down to the floor and add a stove. Surprisingly, it looks as though the unit is...
  2. S

    WH-Empress Control Panel Unresponsive

    Hi there. I recently moved into a house that has a WH-Empress pellet stove insert. Last winter we had no issues with the device, but this winter it is barely usable. The control panel is completely unresponsive in any of the three modes (I do not have a thermostat connected so it is in manual...
  3. D

    Proper Air Control & Throat Flue Damper Operation for an old Fisher Insert

    Hello! New member / First time poster. First off, thank you for your website - it is full of excellent advice and has been a tremendous resource to me! I have a question about best practice / most efficient use of the air controls and flue dampers on my “old” Fisher wood stove insert...
  4. T

    Need Help Adding a Fireplace to Living Room Exterior Wall: ZC vs. Insert?

    My wife and I are in the process of buying our first home (a 140 year old Victorian), and one of the things we want to do prior to moving in is have a wood burning fireplace installed in the living room. We are lifelong apartment people, so we’re desperately in need of some advice and expertise...
  5. F

    CO Issues with Lopi Large Flush Insert

    We've been in our home for two winters now, first with an old Buck 27000 and then a professionally installed Lopi Large Flush with no cat. Both of them were on the first floor of the house and ran their flue through a mason chimney. The Lopi installers actually added a couple more feet to the...
  6. I

    How to build an insert for a chimney liner

    I have a 1927 bungalow with a fireplace. There is a very simple insert consisting of hollow tubes which serve as the wood rack. There is a blower which circulates the hot air into the room. We've used the fireplace every winter for over 30 years. The chimney is now in disrepair and I would like...
  7. B

    Please help Identifying insert and any useful information

    Hello, I am new to this forum. I have been learning myself from this form for the past few years. I need some help with identifying my wood burning insert. I bought the house a few years ago and have been burning to supplement my propane furnace. The burner soley heats my four seasons room. I...
  8. J

    Building heat exchanger insert

    Hello, this is my first post. Found this forum while searching around for advice on how air flows around the house and how inserts work etc. I have two main questions at this time. A little background. I like to build things as that's what I do. And Inserts are crazy expensive, so I built...
  9. N

    Need advice for sustained secondary burn in Lopi insert

    Background: I got a new Lopi large wood insert early last spring. We used it for about 5 weeks, and have just restarted use this fall. I've tried really hard to figure out how to get the secondary burn that I see in so many videos (like I'm looking at a gas burner from below), but just can't get...
  10. KFISH

    Fisher Wood Stove I.D. HELP!

    Looking to identify a Fisher woodstove I found on Facebook Marketplace. I'd like to give it a new life in my pole barn after some TLC. The SOB is heavier than I ever thought! Any info is much appreciated. Also, many of the firebricks are broken inside. Any recommendations as to where I can...
  11. B

    Quadra Fire Expedition I?

    Hello, I'm considering purchasing my first wood insert and have not been able to find much info on the Expedition I, only the Expedition II. Does anyone have an Expedition I that they can share their thoughts on? Main purpose is to upgrade an existing fireplace in the basement of our ranch...
  12. M

    Should I replace this door?

    Hi all, I’m fairly new to wood stoves and moved into a house last year with an Avalon Rainier wood stove insert. It wasn’t in the greatest condition but we cleaned it up, replaced the baffles and air tubes, new glue liner, etc. and got it working pretty well. The only issue is that it sometimes...
  13. F

    Looking for a Double SidedWood Burning fireplace

    In the process of building a house. I want a stove for efficiency, but wife won't hear of it. The design of the house would allow for a double sided fireplace, but all the reading I've done on that says it's a bad idea from efficiency and smell purposes. So, looking at an insert, and ideally a...
  14. T

    Lopi Insert Not Putting Off Heat?

    Hi all! My husband and I are relatively new to burning (this is our second year) and we love it! Nothing beats wood heat! However, my mom bought a new home a few months ago and got a new Lopi Next Gen Fyre insert (medium ). The issue is that it’s really struggling to put off any heat. She’s...
  15. K

    Is this normal: Cold air blowing from two side holes on the Whitfield WP2 Advantage pellet stove insert?

    Hello everyone, I have a Whitfield WP2 Advantage pellet stove insert from 1990. The stove has two rectangular holes on the side (see the pictures) that seem to blow semi-warm air out. Is that normal? Even though the holes are close to the door frame, they are not part of the door frame. Air is...
  16. A

    Quadra-Fire Pellet Stove Won't Turn Off

    My house has a Quadra-Fire Santa Fe Pellet Insert that we've been using for about three years now. We've had a couple of problems with it and I've been able to solve them like replacing the relay on the control board after the igniter stayed on continuously. But I've got a new problem that I...
  17. O

    Wood Insert Recommendations

    I think I’m looking for an insert (I think but can be easily swayed) for my brick fireplace. This will likely mostly be used as a secondary source of heat most of the time but we get a lot of os snow and inevitably lose power once/ twice a year so I want to have a backup plan for these times...
  18. W

    Lopi Evergreen Insert Baffle Cap Falling

    As the title states, I had the Lopi Evergreen Insert installed this fall. The baffle cap has fallen a handful of times, and the installer keeps coming back out to "fix" it. Does anyone know how to resolve this issue? Thanks!
  19. J

    PE Vista Insert Baffle

    Hello Everyone, I recently purchased a home that has a Pacific Energy Vista Insert. The Baffle was not installed in the stove and I'm curious whether I installed it properly. The pin in the back of the stove was warped and I had a hard time with it. I did review the manual, but they do not...
  20. TheBurghBees

    Venting Wood Stove Into Back of Chimney

    Hi All! New to the Forum. We are in the midst of a sun room remodel. This space is an insulated enclosed porch, adjacent to our living room. The existing wood-burning fireplace in the living room will require a new liner (at best) and/or insert to become functional again. We haven't yet...
  21. T

    Thelin Providence Insert igniter

    I have a Thelin Providence insert and it seems like the igniter went out on it. There seems to be very little info about this unit I can find online and none of the people I've contacted in my area (Northern California - 95033) know much about it and/or want to work on it. I'm not even sure...
  22. E

    Can anybody identify this Regency wood insert?

    Hello folks, I stumbled across a pretty cheap used Regency insert for sale, which peaked my interest. Unfortunately I (or the seller) does not know the model number, or year of manufacture. I have a couple pics, attached, and was wondering if any Regency experts would know what model/year(ish)...
  23. S

    Improving/fixing a Better N Bens stove

    Hi all. Long time reader, first time poster. My wife and I purchased a house last year that came with the stove insert in the photos. We didn't really know too much about it, and really still don't, but these forums have helped a bunch. Anyway, this was originally set up as a "slammer", but due...
  24. B

    Jotul C450 problems

    Greetings, long time lurker never posted. I use a outdoor boiler for heat so this issue is not pressing. I'm looking for advice on my jotul c450 kennebec insert. My insert has had this awful rattle since week 1. It was installed by my local dealer.. My blower bearings are good. Has been changed...
  25. E

    Is this a bypass lever ? CAT stove I’m a newbie

    Some what of a newbie we bought our house a little over 2 years ago. We definitely wanted a fireplace or wood stove and this one was here. I’ve been winging it learning through trial and error didn’t realize these things need a bit of understanding to operate it properly . It had no firebricks...
  26. T

    How do Heat Exhangers work in the Harman Accentra 52i-TC?

    So I cleaned my Harman Insert the first time. I am curious to why the removable Accordion panels are called Heat Exchangers? There appear to be combustion products on both sides. Do the Panels and medallion somebow Super Heat the exhaust air or is there a fresh air exchange I am not seeing? It...
  27. T

    Insert vs fireplace firebox size sanity check

    Hello everyone and many thanks for such an informative and friendly forum. I’ve been immersing myself in the details of wood burning this last week and have gotten to the point where I need a sanity check. Hoping I can provide all of the relevant information so that y’all can quickly assist me...
  28. A

    Advise for wood burning insert

    Greetings, I am looking for a new wood burning insert for a masonry fireplace. Looking for some suggestions. I have a 3500 Sq. Ft. 2 story house and am looking for something that can keep the lower story warm as a secondary heat source. Planning to use it occasionally in Seattle, WA. I really...
  29. G

    Lopi Fireplace Insert — insulation

    Hey all, new to the forum today, long time reader. I just had installed a Lopi medium flush insert, a stove with the “convection chamber” or “air jacket” (i.e. a metal jacket around the actual insert with a gap for air to flow thru with a blower). I was wondering if I could insulate around...
  30. C

    Recommendation for wood burning insert

    I would like to have a wood burning insert . My Fireplace dimensions: Front wide 29 Rear wide 22 3/4 Height 27 Depth 21 Please recommend it Thank you so much Chris