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  1. W

    Can (or should) this smoke chamber be salvaged?

    Hi folks, I bought a 1967 ranch house last year with an original masonry fireplace. The sellers had the flue relined with a stainless steel liner that looks to be about 12" diameter. The liner is (now) clean and in perfect condition. The firebox had a golfball-size hole in one of the front...
  2. E

    Chimney Liner Crisis!!

    Hey Guys, I’m rather new around here but I am wayyy in over my head. I picked up a wood burning insert to go into my masonry chimney the other day and had a chimney sweep come out today to check out my situation. Well... apparently I’m screwed because my chimney is 6.25”x17” D and he felt very...
  3. Z

    Help Me With A Wood Insert Choice

    Hi all, My family and I moved into a (flipped) historic house built in 1880 in Chester County, PA this past August. The house is ~2500 sq ft and three floors. Picture an Italianate style row home (tall and skinny) in Philly and that's our house, only ours is a single. It's our first time having...
  4. J

    Questions on Kuma Sequoia Insert

    Hi, My Kuma Sequoia insert was installed a few days ago and I am having a few issues and was hoping someone could help. First off, we have been filling the insert with avocado wood almost 3 times a day!! I was under the impression that this stove has a 10 hour burn time, so not sure if this is...
  5. P

    PE Summit Insert Heat Output

    Hoping to get some help...I just bought and installed a PE Summit insert in my masonry fireplace with heatilator setup. I bought my PE based on reviews I had read online. I installed a SS insulated liner in my 16’ chimney, insulated under the rain cap as well as the damper opening of the...
  6. N

    Energy Tech information needed

    I bought a home that has an Energy Tech fireplace insert installed and I am having trouble finding information for it. I'm looking for an owner's manual or something similiar. Any information is much appreciated.
  7. H

    Issues with Napoleon NPI40.

    Hey Guys, first post here. I'm fairly new to pellet stoves in general but feel like i've got the basics down. Anyway, I recently purchased a used NPI40. I picked it up at a good price knowing it could potentially have issues. First thing I found was that the stove turned on as soon as I plugged...
  8. BucksWhit

    How to block flue with pellet insert

    I moved into a house with an old Whitfield insert. Manual light manual everything but we like it. Thanks to help on here it runs like a clock! I was moving it for a cleaning and noticed the that the flue has ~ a 4 inch pipe going up it for the exhaust. Around the pipe is a massive opening...
  9. M

    Insert to Free standing stove conversion help

    Greeting, I have admittedly been away for a few years but when I was a regular visitor I recall an article/post about converting an existing masonry fireplace into a usable flue for a free standing woodstove. My current setup is a red bricked hearth that has a Regency I3100 pushing heat out...
  10. C

    VC Montpelier Questions

    First time stove user with questions. I'm new to the world of modern wood stoves, but have done a lot of reading and now I need some help. I just had a Vermont Castings Montpelier insert installed this year. So far I have done four break in burns, and one weekend of all day long fires.My...
  11. F

    Advice on inserts for a large fireplace?

    Hi gurus, I'm in the market for a wood insert for my fireplace. First, it's a really big fireplace (one of the reasons I bought the house). Dimensions are roughly 27" x 36" with a 20" extending hearth. The tile+cement is only about 1/2" off the wood floor. Some questions: 1) I really like...
  12. Jacklumber

    Why do some wood stove or fireplaces below 2.0 g/h not meet EPA 2020?

    I had thought that FireplaceXtrordinair 42 Apex model advertised as being 0.7 g/h would have been compliant with the EPA 2020 particulate emissions standards. However, it states in the 42 Apex manual: "Certified to comply with 2015 particulate emissions standards. Not approved for sale after...
  13. J

    Can anyone identify this older Englander Wood Stove Insert?

    Hello Everyone, I recently found this stove online that I'm interested in buying (for sale for $300) but I do not know anything about it. Can someone tell me the model number and perhaps point me in the direction of an owner's manual? Also, any feedback on the stove would be greatly appreciated.
  14. J

    Can anyone identify this older Englander Wood Stove Insert?

    Hello Everyone, I recently found this stove online that I'm interested in buying (for sale for $300) but I do not know anything about it. Can someone tell me the model number and perhaps point me in the direction of an owner's manual? Also, what do you guys think its worth? Thanks!
  15. T

    Insert used as a stand alone wood stove

    A friend of mine has a insert in his house that is not in a fireplace. It stands alone in the corner of a room with brick under it and behind it , so that the exterior walls or floor do not get too hot. My question is that is this a hard thing to do..His was working well and it was very hot...
  16. J

    Jotul C450 Air Valve Handle Broke

    So I had noticed that our air valve on our recently installed C450 had no resistance, so I checked and sure enough, the slide valve had come off the handle, so I adjusted it and tested it a couple times and it worked fine. Fast forward two days later, the handle snapped off, very little...
  17. J

    My Insert is too BIG

    Hey everyone. I decided to start a new thread that better explains my problem with some updated photos for your feedback. Thank-you to @begreen who has been interacting thus far. The main issue as you can see is the insert is too big and protrudes past my existing mortar fireplace. I am hoping...
  18. Webgurl

    Regency GCI60 Pellet Insert Help

    Hello, I have a lovely new pellet stove insert that I started up for the first time tonight. IT IS A REGENCY CGI60 PELLET INSERT BY HAMPTON (Not an M55 Enviro) I filled with a large hod of pellets which I think are at least medium grade. I set the grade to medium. I set the operation to...
  19. S

    Steve's Insert Build Thread & Recommendations

    I'm working on choosing a NG insert. I'm learning, but it's a work in progress. Here are my specs: - Opening 36"W x 26" H, Depth 22", 23" Wide @ back - 18" Hearth, flush with floor. - Room is 20' x 13' = 260 sq. ft. - Two "double" doorways. Brands I'm looking at most closely: Regency...
  20. B

    Gas Insert Repeated Blower Problem

    Greetings! We purchased a new Xtrordinair gas fireplace insert (don't have exact mod # but it is very similar to this model from "Company A" in April 2001. We run the unit off and on for approximately 6 months of the...
  21. N

    Purchasing Help Please

    I'm having a really hard time deciding which wood stove to buy. I am replacing an old insert with a free standing unit. It needs to have a rear facing flue, and fit within 28 1/2ish high X 35 wide. I have looked at the Vermont Castings Encore Flexburn but decided against it due to some things I...
  22. Amandalee

    Can anyone help identify this wood heater I can't find a plate anywhere on it

    Can anyone help identify this wood heater? It has a electric fan motor to right side that says Broan solid state
  23. S

    1994 Harman Invincible Insert - Won't shut down

    Hello, Over the course of 2 weekends, my Harman Invincible insert began a 3 blink error message. It would reset after being unplugged for a few seconds, but would resume the error message hours after. This increased in frequency until it became a constant error signal. In one instance...
  24. A

    Vermont Castings Montpelier - leveling

    New to the forum. Having trouble finding info about how to level a Montpelier insert on the general Internet. Put mine in about 3-4 years ago. The other day went to turn down the blower fan and could not get the louvre open. Had to lift up the insert while my wife pulled it open. I'm...
  25. F

    Howling I2400?

    Hi guys. I have had 2 I2400 stoves in the past 5 years. The first one was replaced due to a crack near the right hand upper corner radius. From my experience both of my stoves howled. Some where in the internet I found a guy saying that the small EPA hole on the bottom right corner was punched...
  26. VirginiaIron

    Country Hearth US Stove 3000

    We did not find a lot of online user information that we thought was valuable, so the purpose of this thread is to provide some information, hopefully valuable, for those individuals who might be considering this particular stove. I get buyers remorse very easily, so I did all my research and...
  27. B

    Lopi Yankee Bay insert burning too hot?

    I have had a Lopi Yankee Bay pellet insert for several years now, and this year it seems to only blow extremely hot air regardless of setting. Is there a thermocouple that may be stuck? The insert is burning like its on MAX all the time, burning through pellets (excuse the pun). Thanks! Ben
  28. M

    Need a fp insert with a blower that's solar friendly

    Hi all. New to the forum. I've been trying to find information online and haven't been successful so wanted to see if anyone here as some input: We are in the process of installing solar in our home and replacing our old mid-70's Buck Stove due to age, inefficiency and the back of it buckling...
  29. C

    Accentra insert not starting

    Hi, I searched a bit on this forum and found a few similar issues but nothing exact so figured I'd ask about my issue. Accentra insert, I've owned the home for about 3 years with the unit already installed ( I believe it is about 10 years old). We've run it for the last 2 winters without...
  30. C

    Insert value?

    Hi. I have a Fisher Wood Stove Insert in a house I just purchased, and we are not going to be keeping it. It looks like the one pictured here (I have loads of pics at home but not here at work). I don't know how old it is, or if it's been used much at all. It's very clean and in beautiful...