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  1. S

    Looking to Upgrade my insert - Osburn 2400 or Breckwell SW740I or Supreme Fusion 24

    I have an older large farm house in Upstate NY that I have updated with 1" of spray foam and batt insulation where possible. I have a hydronic baseboard heat via a propane fired boiler as my primary heat source and a Lopi model LX insert (1980s version) installed in old stone fireplace as...
  2. Y


    Greetings! Wonderful to discover this great forum. I've found a couple of threads dealing with my challenge, but it appears most of these other explorations of cutting/grinding brick were smaller in scope. I have fallen in love with the Buck 74 as an install for the 15' masonry fireplace in our...
  3. Q

    Harman 52i Insert Outdoor Air Question

    Hi all, I will be having a 52i insert installed within the next couple of weeks. Question regarding outdoor air. My existing fireplace was built with an outdoor air inlet - basically a "brick vent" that I believe opens into the ash dump chute. You can't see an opening in the firebox, but you...
  4. cbscout

    Increasing Wood Burn Times

    Hi, I've been burning in my new PE Alderlea T5 Classic insert for about a month now. It's a 2.2 cu. foot firebox. I am supposed to get pretty good burn times, manufacturer specs up to 8 hours, although I know that's not realistic, install company said expect 6 hours. However, I'm getting 4 to 5...
  5. B

    Damper Removed

    I had an wood burning stove-insert installed in the firebox of my living room fireplace. I have it installed without the faceplate usually surrounding the stove and closing off the firebox from the room. I like the effect. It looks more like a wood burning stove in the firebox then an insert...
  6. D

    1990 Whitfield Advantage II Control Panel Blew Up (pics) - Suggestions?

    Hello all, I have a 28 year-old Whitfield Advantage II insert (S/N: WH-12473) with the old-school dial control panel (Part Number 25250801) that sat unused for probably over 10 years. Last year, after a visual inspection of the wiring in the back and a thorough vacuuming, I fired it up...
  7. O

    Drolet 1800 where is the air coming out?

    Greetings! Just installed a Drolet 1800 insert. I am puzzled as to where is the hot air supposed to come out from? The blower are pushing air into the inset but there is no opening to some out hot (I used to have two holes for output in my old Regency). Any ideas? Appreciated. Thank you.
  8. KPru

    Chimney top rebuild, Liner/Insert install, Data logging

    I recently completed rebuilding the top of my chimney, adding a liner and installing a wood insert. I wanted to share here for several reasons: I'm pretty proud of about 95% of the project and wanted to document it As an amateur DIY'er, this took a lot of research/learning (much here), and...
  9. J

    Sealing around insert

    Is it efficient to mortar around an insert so that it's sealed into the chimney?
  10. JoplinPreacher

    New Install - Napoleon 1402

    Hey all! I appreciate all of the helpful information on this forum. In September, I bought a used Napoleon 1402. This weekend, I finally got it installed. Put a liner from the stove to the the roof, but I had a hard time connecting the liner to the stove. My fireplace seems to have two lintels -...
  11. RennyBlack

    Help with Fisher Fireplace insert, please!

    Hi! So we ended up with a Fisher fireplace insert recently, and now we are in a rut as to how to install it safely and correctly in our fireplace hole. As far as I was able to find out, it seems to be be missing the damper. Will I need that or is it an optional thing? In the...
  12. G

    Is soapstone insert bad for occasional Soapstone

    I am looking into a fireplace insert (zero tolerance fireplace) but only plan to use the insert for fires a few times a week. Am concerned reading the Clydesdale manual that I would have to do a warm up fire each time to warm up the soapstone if it is cold start (wouldn't this generate a lot of...
  13. I

    Where to find firebrick insert for 1988 Whitfield WP2 8734

    can someone please post a link on where to find a new firebrick insert for my pellet stove? I have an old Whitfield WP2 pellets stove and it’s not firebrick, it’s some other kind of material. Please help me locate the correct insert before winter! Thank you! 1988 Whitfield WP2 8734
  14. J

    Harman Accentra Insert Troubleshooting/ Refurbishing

    First off, I will start with I am obviously new to this forum. In some searching this seemed to be a useful forum to join pertaining to my recent project. I have been using an older Whitfield Optima insert for a few years as my primary source of heat. I recently took a flyer on a used $450...
  15. L

    Enviro m55 vs Lopi AGP pellet inserts

    please help. I’m not sure what pellet stove to buy, either the m55 or Lopi AGP. The store near me said the AGP is a better unit by far, but the M55 is more my style. Any ideas or alternatives? Thank you
  16. A

    How Do I Seal Gap Under Wood Fireplace Insert

    Hi Everyone. Just moved into this house last October and we have a wood burning fireplace insert. Recently, all of the material between the bottom of the insert and the brick is crumbling and cracking apart and coming out. (See photos) What do I need to replace this stuff with? High-temp...
  17. J

    Regency i2400 vs Enviro Venice 1700

    Hello, I have my two wood insert choices narrowed down two: The Regency i2400 and the Enviro Venice 1700. I really like most everything on the Enviro better, with one major exception: the fan/blower placement. On the Enviro Venice, I like the looks, the efficiency, and the larger viewing...
  18. L

    Replacing Fireplace with insert

    I live in a 1920's house, two stories and a walkout basement. We love our fireplace but we have to either get a wood stove insert or a gas fireplace because the flu has to be fixed, and the diameter of the chimney will be too small for us to be able to make fires that are not all smoke after the...
  19. X

    QF Castile Insert - New Control Box: New Problems

    This posting is a follow-up to my posting entitled " QF Castile: Auger Keeps Turning After Call Light is Out." See I installed the new control box after installing the thermo-couple grounding...
  20. M

    Regency ci2600 in Power Outage

    We had a big snowstorm here. The power went out. We had to burn with our insert’s door open, otherwise it output very little heat. After 24 hrs with the power out, our house was in the 50s. I bought this insert as a backup in a power outage. Not thrilled. It really does very little without...
  21. X

    QF Castile: No Vacuum - Going Crazy Trying to Figure It Out

    Hi there, my name is Pete. I am a brand new member (although I have been lurking for quite some time). I have been trying to analyze my vacuum problem (namely, I am registering no vacuum at the nipple adjacent to the auger chamber). Background: I purchased my QF Castile insert second hand...
  22. B

    Confused about measuring temperature

    Hi, new to wood burning but absolutely love heating our home with it so far. We just installed a Timberwolf EPI22 insert but I'm trying to make sure I'm burning at optimal temps (not worried about being too cold more so too hot). I have a basic magnetic thermometer mounted just above the door...
  23. E

    HELP- Room not getting warmed.

    Howdy Y’all, I’ve posted here a few times along my journey from shopping for stoves, to installing, to gathering wood. Now I’m in the actual operating phase and I’m running into problems... I live in a 1500 sqft cape cod in VA and my insert (century CW2900) is located on the first floor in the...
  24. E

    Newbie... Having a hard time.

    Howdy, I'm totally new to this whole wood burning thing. So far, I absolutely love it, but I definitely have a lot to learn... Right now, my problem is I'm having a really hard time burning a nice hot fire for a decently long amount of time. I'll explain my set up. -Century CW2900i with...
  25. E

    Tips for First Inaugural burn in Insert

    Howdy Folks, I have my Century CW2900 being delivered today (finally!). The chimney guys are going to show up either today or tomorrow to hook it up to the existing SS liner in my chimney. In short, does anyone have any great tips for the first burn?? I have heard this is a gnarly...
  26. C

    Duraplus Insulated triple wall running through masonry chimney

    I've been an avid reader of many a post on, but today I finally made the leap and created an account! Here's my first post... A year ago when I purchased my first house, an 1890s era farmhouse, that has been built on and expanded over the years, I noticed the wonderful old fireplace...
  27. n_moscoso

    Would it be worth to install a blower?

    Hello, I have and old (around 1988) Scan insert that seems to be designed to have a blower and there is an electric cord in there. However the blower is missing or possibly was never installed. Do you think it would be a good idea to have a blower installed? Would this really help with heating...
  28. n_moscoso

    Scan insert - ca 1988 ?

    Hello, I’m writing from Europe, Spain. First of all, I would like to say thay this forum is great, lots of information! We bought a house last year that has oil central heating (radiators) and came with two fireplaces. One is in the walk-out basement and we do not use it, someday we will...
  29. scotbro59

    Fisher Fireplace Insert Baffle

    I recently purchased a home that had a 1980 Fisher Fireplace Insert. I used the insert for the first time in November, and although it's my first wood insert or wood stove, I noticed immediately the flames (and heat) going straight up the flue and the smoke coming out of my chimney. I was...
  30. W

    Can (or should) this smoke chamber be salvaged?

    Hi folks, I bought a 1967 ranch house last year with an original masonry fireplace. The sellers had the flue relined with a stainless steel liner that looks to be about 12" diameter. The liner is (now) clean and in perfect condition. The firebox had a golfball-size hole in one of the front...