I think I have a problem

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The tireddad

New Member
Jan 23, 2021
Greetings everyone,
I have a regency wood stove insert (I believe the 2400 model). I have had the stove 5 years without many problems. For some reason this year I am accumulating so much ash I have to empty it every day. I understand ash is good but there is about 5” produced everyday. This is very abnormal as in the typical years it’s only a fraction of that daily. I am using mixed hardwoods. Does anyone have any ideas what the problem may be? If so ideas how to fix it?
Its highly likely your wood supply changed last year. Different woods contain different percentages of ash. There is also can be a difference in the consistency of ash, some ash can be "fluffy" while some can look like lava rock. I can take the ash I put in my ash bucket and compress it with piece of cord wood to half its initial volume.
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Certain wood types pile the ash on, for me, I notice maple and ash really accumulates in the stove, where red oak and hickory just slowly keeps up in the ash dept, I think there's a difference between open and closed cell wood types, also obviously the drier your wood is, the more complete burn you will have, I also have noted that at least for my stove, wood can be to dry, if I get into the 12-14% territory I find fluffier ash vs compacted ash when splits are 16-20% range.
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