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  1. M

    York insert St. Croix stuck on high

    I have a ST. CROIX York insert that just started burning only on high. It’s about 12 years old. I can change the settings but it doesn’t effect the burn rate. I’m hoping for a lower cost solution. Any suggestions? Thanks so much.
  2. D

    Enviro Cabello 1200 burning too hot

    Hello and thanks in advance for the assistance, this forum is an amazing source of info! I have an Enviro Cabello 1200 fireplace insert that imo is burning way to hot and am wondering if anyone else has seen similar issues with this stove. With the damper fully closed it is not uncommon to see...
  3. T

    I think I have a problem

    Greetings everyone, I have a regency wood stove insert (I believe the 2400 model). I have had the stove 5 years without many problems. For some reason this year I am accumulating so much ash I have to empty it every day. I understand ash is good but there is about 5” produced everyday. This is...
  4. VirginiaIron

    Why does my clean burning stove burn dirty

    I believe this is some helpful information for some of us who may have difficulty learning how to use a clean burning stove properly. This information has helped us. There was a learning curve with our new stove. We are getting consistent clean burns. I think a clean burning stove is only as...