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  1. dreamingofpalmtrees

    Whitfield Advantage (1990) II / III smells smoky when running low....

    Troubleshooting a few things on our freestanding Whitfield Advantage (1990) II or III T (?). This stove is secondary to our main pellet stove, a Harman Allure50. We live in a drafty mid century house, in New England with walls of glass. Yeah. We know. We have forced hot air (propane) thru...
  2. WiscWoody

    Wood ID challenge

    We had a somewhat severe storm come through here a few weeks ago and even though I have way more wood than I should have, around 8 or 9 winters worth I took some scrounge wood from a neighbors fallen tree they hired a local logger to cut up and haul away. Neither myself nor the logger was sure...
  3. ReggieT

    Wood I.D. Help?

    Hey Guys, Been a second since I've been on deck here, yet this log/wood has me and most folks in my circle baffled. Has a weird smell, splits easily, & is much heavier than it looks. Any ideas or thoughts? Here are some pics before & after splitting. Thanks, Reg
  4. TrippWest

    HVAC Air Filter Needs to Be Replaced Every 3 Weeks

    I had a Napoleon EPI3C Oakdale Series Cast Iron Wood Insert installed in September and have been burning wood every day all day since. When the stove is not in use, I have to replace the air filter in my HVAC system once every 3 months. Now, I am finding that I need to replace it every three...
  5. T

    I think I have a problem

    Greetings everyone, I have a regency wood stove insert (I believe the 2400 model). I have had the stove 5 years without many problems. For some reason this year I am accumulating so much ash I have to empty it every day. I understand ash is good but there is about 5” produced everyday. This is...
  6. Euphoria

    [Questions] I'm new to pellet burners, I have a few questions regarding pellets

    Hey everyone, I have a few questions regarding pellets as I'm quite new to pellet stoves. I've moved into my new home at the beginning of the year, it's in a new country and I don't speak the language yet so attempting to ask the locals hasn't helped. I used the pellets the stove dealer...
  7. SuburbanFarmer

    Ash messed up 4 chainsaw chains yesterday. What the Heck?!

    A friend had some still alive ash trees taken down by crane. They were all bucked up, just lying by their driveway for me to cut and take home. I haven't had as many cutting issues since my rookie year cutting. I brought 2 Echo CS-400 saws w 18" bars. (Both chains done by a shop, one with a new...
  8. Jim Ignatowski

    Looking for a quality Ash Can/Bucket ?

    Hi Everyone - I'm looking for an ash can or bucket, preferrably with a lid that can handle hot ash and coals. I purchased one from Amazon which was a piece of junk - the handle broke within a couple of months and almost started a fire. My other one that I use with the insert is about ready to...
  9. Jacklumber

    Minimizing Ash Coal build up in Catalytic ZC

    I have a FireplaceXtrordinair Apex 42 Catalytic zero clearance fireplace with an ash charcoal build up issue. A wheel barrel full per week! I have read that catalytic stoves need to be run with a full load to burn efficiently while reducing airflow. But this leads to significant coal buildup in...
  10. R

    Ravelli Francesca-cleaning ash drawer

    Hi All, New to the forum. Just started up a new Ravelli Francesca pellet stove. It says clean ash drawer every 2 days. Do I have to shut the stove off and allow it to cool to do this? Is it safe to open the front glass door while it’s running? Thanks.
  11. cbscout

    Increasing Wood Burn Times

    Hi, I've been burning in my new PE Alderlea T5 Classic insert for about a month now. It's a 2.2 cu. foot firebox. I am supposed to get pretty good burn times, manufacturer specs up to 8 hours, although I know that's not realistic, install company said expect 6 hours. However, I'm getting 4 to 5...
  12. cbscout

    Ash Burn Rate

    Hi, I just put in my new PE insert and ordered 6 face cord of ash. It's below 20% moisture content and I brought a few armfuls home prior to his delivery. Burns great, nice and hot. I have been continuing to try to find more wood, with decent seasoning. Just wondered, how fast does ash burn in...
  13. cbscout

    Buying ash just after cut and split?

    Hi, this is the first season for burning and I am getting ready the best I can. :-) I am buying a full cord of ash firewood (split) from a guy, and I tested the moisture content to be acceptable on a fresh split. That's all good. But I want another couple cord more, so he showed me a few ash...
  14. H

    How long can you store ash firewood

    Hello, I've been burning wood about 19 years, and 99% of my wood has been red oak. I generally keep an eye out for loggers in the area selling cheap wood, and then buy in large quantities. I only have another year of firewood on hand, so I've been looking harder lately. There's a logging...
  15. M

    Ash in hot air output with Harman Accentra

    I recently installed a 2008 Harman Accentra insert. I followed the manufacturer's instruction, installing a chimney liner, and sealing the damper with sheet metal and rock insulation. I wrapped the bottom portion of the flex tubing with ceramic insulation. The pellet stove seems to work well...
  16. Marsha Cook

    Pellets and ash

    stove is a Harmon P61A. House is about 1000 sq ft. Last year ran Okie with no issue. End of the year I grabbed a pallet of Barefoot. After that and for this season I have bought 3 ton of Cubex. Problem with the Barefoot and the Cubex is a build up of ash. As it burns, the ash builds up on the...
  17. W

    What vacuum do you recommend?

    Getting Quadra-fire Vermont AE installed in the next month or so (looking forward to winter!). What vacuum do you recommend I get . Was considering the Cougar Ash but some of the reviews on Amazon aren't so good. What is a good quiet vacuum to clean a pellet stove? Many thanks.
  18. Wawa Coffee

    Best way to split Ash & a Wood ID

    You can't pass 5 houses in my area without seeing an Ash tree coming down. I saw no less than 10 cords this AM on the front lawns of 3 consecutive houses that just had trees taken down. Then went down the road and saw another huge Ash tree in a yard with a "free firewood" sign. I couldn't...
  19. C

    A question about wet ashes and iron stoves...

    I have a wood stove I put outside, on a slab, out in the weather. (I live in the Pensacola, FL area, so there wasn't much use of me putting it inside the house.) Anyway, I have it set up, with the pipe and all (cap on top), and have been cooking on it outside. Well, it was after the last rain...
  20. BamaScroungr


    This year I'm burning a 50/50 mix of maple and ash. I only started using a moisture meter recently, and I only just today discovered that my punky ash is clinging to a 39% moisture content. I thought previously that I was able to dry out my ash under or near the stove, but no. I can dry out...
  21. ktenn

    About to give up! Ash(?) Problems

    Hey guys, we need some help problem solving.... Or maybe we just need to be told that this is normal, but either way, we need help! We have a Harman Accentra freestanding pellet stove. We LOVE it, except for one huge problem. We find an extremely fine layer of ash or some sort of white/gray...
  22. webfish

    Wood Stoves and Fireplaces PROPER ASH REMOVAL

    By Ken Rajesky, Hearth Industry Expert Whenever you burn a solid fuel, such as wood, coal, or pellets, in your stove, fireplace, or insert, you will be left with ashes to remove. These ashes must be removed periodically as they can affect both performance and durability of the product. The...