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    Lopi Insert Not Putting Off Heat?

    Hi all! My husband and I are relatively new to burning (this is our second year) and we love it! Nothing beats wood heat! However, my mom bought a new home a few months ago and got a new Lopi Next Gen Fyre insert (medium ). The issue is that it’s really struggling to put off any heat. She’s...
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    NEED HELP from someone who knows about Grizzly Inserts

    This Grizzly Insert came with the house and has been in it for many years from what I can tell. I have had nothing but problems with keeping a fire in it since day one. No matter the coal bed not matter the side air control it always dies out. Two things, it has no flue dampener and the...
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    I think I have a problem

    Greetings everyone, I have a regency wood stove insert (I believe the 2400 model). I have had the stove 5 years without many problems. For some reason this year I am accumulating so much ash I have to empty it every day. I understand ash is good but there is about 5” produced everyday. This is...
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    Englander 25-puf problem

    Hey! I’m brand spankin new to the world of pellet stoves and just rented a house with one. Worked great for a almost 2 full days then turned it up one notch (5 to 6) and it shut off about a half hour later because it had stopped feeding. I then took to YouTube and google and began trying...
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    Excellent design resource

    For all those wondering about piping designs & layouts, what valves, pumps (circulators), are needed, etc., there is a wonderful learning resource online. I just ran across it and cannot get enough! The site is, and the articles are titled "The Glitch and the Fix". They are...
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    Newbie... Having a hard time.

    Howdy, I'm totally new to this whole wood burning thing. So far, I absolutely love it, but I definitely have a lot to learn... Right now, my problem is I'm having a really hard time burning a nice hot fire for a decently long amount of time. I'll explain my set up. -Century CW2900i with...
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    Help! Found issue while cleaning my pellet stove!

    Hey everyone, I have a Enviro cast iron meridian. I was cleaning the plates inside and decided to take them out to clean behind them. Behind the center plate, the fiberglass pad had some charring around the auger tube and some on the top. I'm pretty concerned with this! Is this a common issue...
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    Jotul F100 air vent problem

    Hello everyone ! I have a Jotul F100 bought in Europe about 4 years ago. I never had any problem with it ,until now. It seems like the air vent handle is set on high air and if I move it to the left nothing happens and the fire is still burning very fast. I tried to open the stove ,but I can't...
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    Smoke Problem

    I have a smoke problem. I have a Lopi Answer. Recently replace my Jotul. I begin the fire with a Top Down without problems. No smoke on start up.... I GOT IT WORKED OUT. I place the two medium pieces as far back as possible. Then crossed a few smaller (shorter) pieces so they fit north to...
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    Problem with Ecoteck Lisa

    Hello! Guys, I have a problem with my Ecoteck Lisa (2008) and need some advice. 1. Start phase is ok. 2. Waiting flame fase is ok. Auger feeds pellets. Flame raises up bit by bit in the burning pot. 3. Flame light phase.... Here starts the problem. The flame is visible. Tall but looks strange...
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    New Buck Owner

    Hi all, I am new to the site and new to wood-burning fireplaces. My wife and I just bought a new-to-us house that has a Buck Stove (Regular Buck) insert. We're looking forward to getting some fires going this winter (which still hasn't quite set in here in GA), but I have a couple of questions...