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  1. B

    Need Help Identifying These South Texas Tree Stumps Please

    We live in San Antonio TX and recently had the tree in our backyard cut down and was wanting to sell the stumps but would like to know what we have here. I'm new so I hope I'm following the guidelines Please let me know if you have any suggestions! God Bless!
  2. zmildrum

    Water in Attic When Burning

    Hi everyone, Last year I got a Regency 500 which I burn basically 24/7. I absolutely love it and am slowing building up my 3 year supply of wood. With that said, I have no intentions of not burning wood in the winter. However, something odd happens in my attic that is quite worrisome. When I...
  3. O

    Help diagnosing Buck 27000- won't go above 120C

    Purchased a house recently with an old Buck 27000. Wanting it to help supplement the cold winter, but I cannot get it up to temperature. Standalone unit with metal flue (~25ft in height to roof cap). Had two separate chimney guys come out and check the flue for blockage and inspect it. Both said...
  4. C

    Stove burning too hot and fast

    mid last winter I got an Englands Stove to replace an undersized one I had in my house. This one is much better sized. It’s rated for 2400 sq ft, has about 6’ of single wall pipe, probably 24’ of triple wall on top of that in a straight shot up and out with a cap. About 12” above the stove I...
  5. Maine_Cat

    Inherited Stove with internal crack

    Greetings from Maine!! First time posting. I bought my first house about three years ago, first year we didn't fire up the woodstove it came with (Regency F3100L). In the two years we have used it, I've never exceeded 550F. Second year I noticed extensive wear on the inside right above the door...
  6. fireplaceinsertnewbie

    Attempting to Install a Kodiak Insert

    Had a chimney company out when I bought the house I live in and they gave me a $18,000 repair cost for my basement fireplace. I've decided to put in a liner and wood burning insert instead. Working on installing a Kodiak wood burning insert in this fireplace. It is a super tight fit. I have...
  7. R

    Help using 1972 Nashua N18 - not getting the heat I expect

    Howdy--been reading this excellent forum for months and just registered seeking some advice. My wife and I bought a 1972, 1570 sq/ft contemporary house in April, and it has a Nashua N18 wood stove in the basement. We believe it was original from when the house was built--and had it inspected...
  8. P

    Help: which model do I have? (Pic)

    Hi, I have a Sherwood Industries 1991 pellet stove. I am unable to understand this sticker, and the model number is not apparent to me. Ultimately, trying to look for replacement parts as my auger is squeaking and seemingly “weaker”. Also, Thanks for any recommendations for online retailers...
  9. S

    Wood stove pipe keeps leaking!

    Our wood stove has been leaking dark liquid for a while. We thought it was because of the pipe that was installed last year was not installed properly, so we had someone else install a new better quality pipe today and it is still leaking!
  10. D

    NEED HELP from someone who knows about Grizzly Inserts

    This Grizzly Insert came with the house and has been in it for many years from what I can tell. I have had nothing but problems with keeping a fire in it since day one. No matter the coal bed not matter the side air control it always dies out. Two things, it has no flue dampener and the...
  11. T

    I think I have a problem

    Greetings everyone, I have a regency wood stove insert (I believe the 2400 model). I have had the stove 5 years without many problems. For some reason this year I am accumulating so much ash I have to empty it every day. I understand ash is good but there is about 5” produced everyday. This is...
  12. O

    Freestanding or Insert in Existing Fireplace

    Hi there, I have an existing fireplace that I want to fit with a woodstove but I'm not sure how to find one that will fit. I've been creeping on the forums for awhile so I thought I'd hop in to ask for some help. I'm looking to have the woodstove zone heat the basement and supplement heat my...
  13. MEngineer24

    Hearthstone Wood Stove Help

    I found this Hearthstone stove posted near my area. I was wondering if anyone had any information on it. It looks a little worse for wear on the exterior. Has anyone ever restored/repainted enamel before? Also, the firebox looks to be in decent shape other than a few bricks appear to be cracked...
  14. S

    Englander 28-3500 End of burn CO

    Hi All, I moved into a new home with an existing 28-3500 that is installed in a 12x20 basement (a basement under an addition that is not connected to the main basement) Blower is connected and ductwork runs to 3 vents upstairs and one vent to basement. Chimney is 24’ Selkirk that runs up the...
  15. B

    Desperate for some guidance on LPG regulator, service in Westchester NY

    We moved into our home 3 years ago. The home has a Kozy Heat Minnetonka fireplace. I am not skilled in these appliances and only know what the prior owner said. Last winter it stopped working completely. Though flint still sparked but no flame. Paid $200 to have a service guy come from far...
  16. M

    Basement Insulation

    Hey everyone here’s the issue I’m dealing with. I had a contractor install insulation in my walkout basement walls above grade. They first picture framed the stud cavities with spray foam and then put in the blow in blanket system with fiberglass. The issue I’m wondering about is I’ve had...
  17. W

    Hampton GCI60 Troubleshooting

    Hello, my husband and I bought our house with a Hampton GCI60 insert already installed and we love it. However we saw error code #4 pop up and I haven't the slightest idea where the reset switch even is or whatever other issue I should be looking at. My husband said it started to over heat and...
  18. C

    Reducing clearance to combustibles on overhead.

    Good Evening, Hopefully some of you pros and vets can help me solve my issue. Recently ripped out a pre-fab fireplace (because it was useless) out of a wood framed wall, with stone masonry on the exterior (for the effect of a stone masonry fireplace). I'm looking to install a PE Summit Classic...
  19. J

    Need Help Fisher Stove

    Please Help. I have recently installed a Fisher Grandpa bear 3 into my basement. It was in the house before we bought it but while we rented the owner had removed it. Now that we have it in I cannot get any heat off of it. the wood I’m burning is burning great. I can get a good burning fire...
  20. M

    Harman Accentra 2 - Auger motor clunking noise

    Good Morning Folks! I have seen a few posts about the Harman Accentra chain driven models making an booming clunking noise but I'm wondering if anyone has some new tips. Our Accentra is 8-10 years old(best estimate, it came with the house) and this year it has developed a loud clunk when the...
  21. M

    Breckwell p2700 Door Glass Leaking

    I purchased the Breckwell p2700. It's been good so far. I've only been running it for a few weeks. But today, I turned it on after being off for a few hours. I noticed smoke. So, I turned it off and suddenly I see smoke start pouring out of the front door! After getting the fire out and...
  22. N

    Removing old fireplace

    Hello everyone. Long time lurker and finally joined because I need some advice. I am in the process of removing the old fireplace insert. Can't find any marking or plate on the stove for model or brand, but I need some advice on how to unhook the chimney pipe from the stove. The chimney...
  23. D

    What is name of this wood burner

    What is name of this wood burner there is a few things that need replaced but i have no idea where to get anything plz help
  24. T

    Enviro EF2 not working.. tried everything (I think)

    Hi first post here, saw a lot of great info and hope someone can help. I bought a house and it has an Enviro EF2 FS pellet stove. This is my first time dealing with any kind of stove. The auger motor is not getting power. Replaced the motor, dial-a-fire switch, and timing board with a 3second...
  25. T

    Recommendations for Wood burning insert

    I am so confused by all the different options for wood burning inserts. I found an amazing deal on Costco for the Drolet 1800 escape. $1400 and it includes the liner! However, reviews have said that the fan is annoyingly loud. So now I'm back to square one and could use some insight. I will...
  26. I

    Can't adjust the feed rate ...HELP

    Hi, I'm new to the forum and new to (pellet) stoves and I need some help. I was given a free pellet stove (glowboy home heate HGBH1, with a acutron control board) bit now it turns out it has some issue (surprise). The stove starts up nicely and without issues, but once it starts running...
  27. M

    Jam time in my pellet stove

    I have been having Jamming issues that do not match what others have posted that I have seen. I have pellets getting trapped in the upper auger. I thought at first it was a fluke, but it is happening every time I run the stove with pellets I purchased. The stove ran wonderfully with the...
  28. RennyBlack

    Help with Fisher Fireplace insert, please!

    Hi! So we ended up with a Fisher fireplace insert recently, and now we are in a rut as to how to install it safely and correctly in our fireplace hole. As far as I was able to find out, it seems to be be missing the damper. Will I need that or is it an optional thing? In the...
  29. J

    Stove selection help for newbie

    I will start by saying I am not a seasoned burner, I had a wood stove in my parents house that I used about 20-25 years ago. My wife and I are in the process of having a home built. It is going to be about 1800 square foot total. It will be a 1.5 story with the upset being in the rafters with...
  30. Bostonceltics151

    Help- can anyone identify this stove?

    hello all, I am in the market to purchase a small stove for my father, this popped up online today locally for $60.. but I have no idea what it is, and neither does the seller.. anyone have any idea? See pictures attached.