Martin sb5400 prefab wanting to install hearthstone on hearth. Need help!

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Oct 16, 2023
Is it possible to install a small hearthstone stove on the hearth in front of a prefab firebox, particularly a martin sb5400 or does it all need to be replaced? Firebox is surrounded by field stone chimney must be 25 ft tall. I'd say it's at least 10 inches in diameter inside. If it is possible to install a liner and use a tee to clean out and bump stove out onto hearth would it be better to use rigid liner pipe like duraliner or a flexible liner with insulation or a class a chimney inside of the current one? Sorry for such run on sentences.. thank you in advance. First time poster

Martin sb5400 prefab wanting to install hearthstone on hearth. Need help! Martin sb5400 prefab wanting to install hearthstone on hearth. Need help!
There's this caveat in the manual:
This fireplace and chimney should not be used for venting a wood or coal burning heater or fireplace insert.
Warning: Do not install a separate solid fuel insert or gas fireplace insert into this fireplace and chimney
system without written authorization

I read this as the chimney system can't be used to vent a wood stove because it is air-cooled and not rated for wood stove flue temps. However, it would seem that an insulated 6" liner run up the 11" ZC chimney would be ok. It does not modify the original chimney. However, the lintel for the fireplace may be too low for a rear-vented stove. In that case either the hearth would need to be lowered or the stove placed on a hearth pad in front of the current hearth.

I'm sure there will be other thoughts.
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The hearth is 19" and firebox opening is 28" tall lead me to thinking the castleton from hearthstone would fit but I saw in the manual what you pointed out and it now has me questioning everything
If you can get Martin's blessings in writing then it could work.