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  1. L

    Questions about prefab fireplace removal

    Hello, I had a prefab fireplace removed. The flue pipe was left in and the chase cover at the top closed off the chimney. There was a bottom vent left there. I noticed some water on the underside of the fire stop. Is it recommended to close off the vent here? To stop the flow of cold air...
  2. F

    Martin sb5400 prefab wanting to install hearthstone on hearth. Need help!

    Is it possible to install a small hearthstone stove on the hearth in front of a prefab firebox, particularly a martin sb5400 or does it all need to be replaced? Firebox is surrounded by field stone chimney must be 25 ft tall. I'd say it's at least 10 inches in diameter inside. If it is...
  3. F

    Did WD40 ruin my prefab fireplace?

    I would love some help. Last winter I moved to a new condo. The lever to open/close the damper was stuck and I was told to spray some WD40. I did and problem got solved. But I might have sprayed a bit too much as since then every time I put a fire on it smells toxic after like 20 mins. Issue is...
  4. E

    Compact/Smallest Zero Clearance Open Fireplace on Market

    Hi, I am seeking to install a fireplace in new construction that has to be freestanding due to a large number of glass walls. I also would like it to be wood burning. However, where the job is located in New York State the government has discussed banning wood so I would like the ability to...
  5. Braxvang

    What does overfiring a circulating prefab ZC fireplace look like?

    I have been told that these ZC prefab fireplaces are much less capable of handling larger fires than their ZC wood stove insert counterparts. If I were to start a fire, close the sealed doors on such a fireplace, open the outside air intake, and just let the fire burn, at what point should I...
  6. F

    Retrofitting an earthstove bv400c

    Hi, I have a house that was built in '94. It has a prefab Fireplace on an exterior wall. The current setup is a zero clearance insert. I was wondering if I could remove the guts essentially and slide the earthstove in and connect to the existing flue. I was reading the instructions in the...
  7. L

    Repair Heatilator Mark 123?

    Hi, we have a Heatilator Mark 123 prefab fireplace, installed sometime around 1969. We had a fireplace company look at it but get the sense they just want us to install a new, energy efficient firebox and arent sure they really considered what we were asking. We know the firebox is missing...
  8. J

    Advice 6" easy flex in an 8" prefab flue

    So I need a bit of advice. I have a 1989 Majestic MBUC36 prefab with an 8" flue and I am looking at getting a Hearthstone II with 6" outlet. Spoke to the local Heating and Air folks and they said I would need to add a 6" liner and fill the gap with some concrete/vermiculite like substance...
  9. S

    First timer - Fireplace

    Hey everyone. I bought a new home recently and plan on starting the first fire in the fireplace tonight. I have experience with wood stoves but not a whole lot with fireplaces. I know the basics, open the damper, make sure everything is clear, start the fire, monitor it and never leave...