Retrofitting an earthstove bv400c

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May 1, 2021

I have a house that was built in '94. It has a prefab Fireplace on an exterior wall. The current setup is a zero clearance insert. I was wondering if I could remove the guts essentially and slide the earthstove in and connect to the existing flue.

I was reading the instructions in the earthstove manual and it suggested the insert could be inserted into a prefab fireplace firebox. Basically remove all of the screws, baffles, and screens then open the damper and connect to flue.

Can I use the existing flue/rigid liner? Or do I have to reline it?

Thanks in advance,

Most likely not. First look up in the ZC fireplace manual. Many don't permit insert installation.
The Marco fireplace can not have an insert installed in it. The Earthstove BV400C is a fireplace insert that must be installed in a full masonry fireplace. It can not be placed in the space where the ZC fireplace was, even when that is removed. You would need to get a freestanding stove that meets the clearance requirements for the alcove that would be created by the removal of the ZC fireplace. The stove would need new chimney and stove pipe.