Questions about prefab fireplace removal

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New Member
Feb 11, 2024
Los Angeles, CA

I had a prefab fireplace removed. The flue pipe was left in and the chase cover at the top closed off the chimney. There was a bottom vent left there. I noticed some water on the underside of the fire stop.
Is it recommended to close off the vent here? To stop the flow of cold air?

Next, is it recommended to remove the flue pipe? Dont plan on putting a fireplace back, going to close it with drywall.
While it’s accessible, I would remove the venting, mainly to find out exactly where that water penetration was, & to seal any leaks to prevent further damage. I would also remove the fresh air pipe at the lower right. There’s no need to have a hole in the wall of your home if it’s not needed.
I completely stripped my prefab out, including the entire flue. I put my wood stove in in an alcove installation and used the fresh air pipe as an outside air intake. It turned out great.