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  1. TheBurghBees

    Venting Wood Stove Into Back of Chimney

    Hi All! New to the Forum. We are in the midst of a sun room remodel. This space is an insulated enclosed porch, adjacent to our living room. The existing wood-burning fireplace in the living room will require a new liner (at best) and/or insert to become functional again. We haven't yet...
  2. F

    Help! Need to identify twin wall flue

    Hi Can anyone help identify what brand this twin flue is as i cannot seem to find it. Also took a photo of the sticker I found on the inside. Thank you for any help!
  3. M

    Is it possible to use electric/oil/NG burner to avoid creosote from forming?

    Creosote forms when the inner surface of chimney/flue pipe is cold. If we bury electric heating coils in the inner surface of flue pipe, and have a temperature sensor at flue exit, to automatically turn on electric heating to the inner surface when temperature reads below 300F? Alternatively...
  4. T

    I got ripped off, didn’t I?

    Hey there! I have a 1906 home that has three old coal burning fireplaces. They’ve been closed up for a long time, but we wanted to convert one to a vented gas log fireplace and hired a local guy who assured us he was licensed and insured and has been in the business for years. He was courteous...
  5. C

    Sealed flue - am I going to have problems?

    Had the top of my 120yr old chimney rebuilt. One of the flues is only about a bricks wythe, unlined, and unused. This corridor is was open from the top all the way to the basement and not connected to anything but it is open in the basement. The contractor took the liberty of ignoring the...
  6. M

    How do EPA stoves efficiently release heat to room, despite the insulating bricks?

    EPA stoves have insulating bricks around the combustion chamber, theoretically it blocks heat from being released into room, so more heat is kept in flue, but EPA stoves actually have higher fuel efficiency compared to classic wood stoves. Seems contradictory. Anyone could explain to me?
  7. M

    How to light an anthrcite fire while keeping the flue hot

    Hi all, I got my first stove installed a few weeks ago, it's an Aarrow Ecoburn Plus 5 Widescreen. I have been experimenting with the best fuel that is officially supported by my stove and manufacturer. I find anthrcite ovoids to provide the best heat and duration. Kiln logs burn through at a...
  8. B

    Wood Burning Fireplace - Small broken Piece of Clay Flue Liner - Need a New Liner?

    Hi, Just had my wood burning fireplace cleaned/swept. First time cleaned in a number of years. During the cleaning, a small piece a clay flue liner section (broke off) and came down. The piece fell from a section that is about 8' or so above the smoke chamber, so not reachable from either...
  9. H

    4in pellet pipe for godin stove

    Hello, We have built a glass greenhouse (Michigan) and recently purchased a vintage Godin coal stove. We are planning on burning wood in the stove but we are having no luck finding 4in pipe and accessories. First of all, We only plan on using this once in a while in the winter. It will not be...
  10. Pert86

    Confused about how to use the damper

    Hi! We just installed our first wood stove and today was the first day we’ve run it all day. I’m reading mixed things about the flue and am real confused. It’s all over the internet to never close the flue (is that the same thing as the damper?!) while the fire is going at all and only close it...
  11. Misty818

    Chimney Smell - Toxic?

    I have been having a smoke smell in my house for a couple months or so. It had gotten very strong. I thought it was from the recent fires that were in the area, but the smell remained even after the smell outside had gone. This morning I realized that I’d left my flue open since the beginning...
  12. T

    New home owner wood insert questions

    Hi Everyone, New user here, new home owner and a bit nervous. I am sorry if this has been explained, I just couldn't find answers that lined up with my wood insert and how it was installed/functioning. My wife and I just purchased a house and were excited to try the wood insert that came...
  13. wilderness88

    Clay tile flue with big offsets - can I chip them?

    Hey team, This is my first post on the forum, and I'm excited to see if I get some answers. I've got a 5" SS liner that I can't fit down my existing clay tile liner in my chimney. The interior dimensions of the clay liner are 5.5" x 5.5", and some of the clay tiles are offset by a bit...
  14. K

    Horizontal Flue / Outside Chimney in Minnesota

    We are updating our wood burner as part of a renovation project. The unit will be an RSF Opel 2C (with the cat). The unit will be directly adjacent to a wall (West if it matters). The dealer has told me it would be a terrible idea to run out horizontally, then up with Class A chimney outside...
  15. K

    Smoke Up One Flue and Down The Other -- Help!

    Hi, First time poster, and also first-time homeowner (...if I had only known!) Anyways -- I have a dual-flue chimney that supports an upstairs fireplace, as well as a basement wood stove. Facing the chimney indoors, the upstairs fireplace is the right flue, and the basement stove is the...
  16. N

    Aga Lawley, Flue attachment / adapter needed

    Hi, I’ve got an Aga Lawley stove that I’m struggling to connect to the flue system. The problem seems to be the sizing of the spigot from the stove and what I put on this to make it compatible with a standard 150mm flue system. The external diameter of the spigot is 146mm and internal 133mm...
  17. N

    Moving a stove and installing a flue liner

    I moved last year to a house in southern Vermont. The house came with a woodstove with a suboptimal installation. The stove itself (a old Vermont Castings Resolute III) is in good shape, but the exhaust goes through a wall as Class A pipe, makes a right angle bend, and then enters the outside...
  18. B

    Brick Chimney leak

    My brick chimney is leaking on the inside with heavy rains. In the picture seems like the obvious spot that it is leaking from. Would you all agree that this is the probablentry point for water? Also, what kind of sealant is best to use here? Thanks!
  19. PNWwoodstove

    From 8” chimney pipe to 6”pipe

    Hi, I picked up Vermont Castings Defiant Encore woodstove that had 8 inch piece of pipe with it. Although the opening in the stove is oval shape, I found the reducer to 6” in “Costal” for my particular stove. It’s an daapter from oval shape hole that fits 6 inch pipe. The newer version of...
  20. N

    Is this normal? Chimney question

    Last year we had a chimney fire and a local sweep told me I would have to replace any of the flue tiles that are cracked. I was hoping to get to this earlier in the year, but I'm sure everyone knows how that goes. I finally made my way up and started my inspection. All 5 of the tiles are...
  21. H

    Regency Hampton HI300 flue baffle removal

    Hello, First post here. I have a Regency Hampton HI300 wood insert. The previous owner of my home had it installed, so I don't have a ton of history with it. My chimey has clay liners (3), and the center liner has a flexible steel pipe in it which is connected to the insert below. I cleaned the...
  22. S

    Chimney Flue insulation

    Hey, was wondering if someone could point me in a direction or answer a question for me. I have a savannah Drolet stove. It is in a room with a high ceiling and goes to a double insulated pipe through the drywall then out of the roof. My question is how do I insulate the opening better? The...
  23. M

    Fireplace flue - unusual blob

    Hi, We've got an unusual blob formed on the external wall of the chimney flue. Just wondering if you have seen anything like that before and know what it could be? The flue kit has been installed new in Sept-Oct 2015 Haven't touched it yet, as don't want to damage the flue any further just at...
  24. W

    Nominal clay flue sizes

    I'm pretty new to chimney rehabilitation, but a quick study. I've measured the two square flues on my chimney and would like confirmation of their nominal sizes. Here's what I measured and what I think their nominal sizes are: Interior SizeExterior SizeProposed Nominal Size6⅞"8½"8"10⅞"12½"12"...
  25. S

    Venting pellet flue through concrete/stucco

    I am venting a pellet stove to the outside wall from my finished basement (2 foot above gradient). After the inside wall thimble, beyond the studs I am at concrete block with a stucco exterior. My question is, do I need to use the thimble on the outside or can I just run a 3.5" hole through the...
  26. J

    Stoves Specifically Approved for 5.5" Flue

    Hi All! Unless we want to tear out a clay liner, we have to use a 5.5" flex flue liner. I've been browsing around lots, and found many helpful articles about folks that have successfully used 5.5" liners with 6" collars (especially if the internal vent measurements are already 5.5" anyways)...
  27. R

    flue pipe proximity to electric wiring and studs

    Greetings from the northeast. I just bought a mobile home this year. I need a backup heat source, so I plan on installing a pellet stove. I am familiar with the necessary clearances in relation to doors, windows, and combustibles, but my flue pipe would be running very close to some electrical...
  28. BucksWhit

    How to block flue with pellet insert

    I moved into a house with an old Whitfield insert. Manual light manual everything but we like it. Thanks to help on here it runs like a clock! I was moving it for a cleaning and noticed the that the flue has ~ a 4 inch pipe going up it for the exhaust. Around the pipe is a massive opening...
  29. SteveHyper

    Can anyone identify the brand of my twin wall flue pipe?

    I need to get some parts (single to twin adapter, brackets etc.) but need to know what brand the pipes are to make sure they're compatible. Any help would be much appreciated! I'm in the UK if that helps.
  30. M

    Using top vent without bolting down ok?

    I've recently bought a old Jotul F3TD, a beautiful stove. I intend on top venting due to my space configuration. The top vent flu collar bolts have rusted and broken off. It's expensive to replace the whole flue collar. Do I need to bolt the flue collar in, or can I use the weight of the flue...