4in pellet pipe for godin stove

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New Member
Nov 11, 2020
Hello, We have built a glass greenhouse (Michigan) and recently purchased a vintage Godin coal stove. We are planning on burning wood in the stove but we are having no luck finding 4in pipe and accessories.

First of all, We only plan on using this once in a while in the winter. It will not be a daily nor even a weekly use and for relatively short period of time. 4-6 hours at the most. What I would like to know is if 4in pellet stove pipe could possibly work for this use. We have priced out other 4in pipe (which isn't in stock) and we are looking at around $500. Obviously pellet pipe is less expensive but more important, it is available. Any suggestions or input would be great
Use an increaser to take it to 5 or 6" round.