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  1. 9

    Industry folks, have I got a hilarious photo for you!!!

    Found at the local resale shop. Laughed for 5 minutes straight and considered re-selling :D
  2. EncoreInMass

    How do I remove this Tee base Cap? (With Pictures)

    Hello, I use to be a wood burner (Name) but now we're a pellet house. Ravelli RV100 Classic (LOVE IT) We're burning early this year and I wanted to DIY sweep the chimney. I already have all the gear and was set to go when I hit this speed bump. How do I get this Tee base cap off? I can tell it...
  3. R

    USSC 6039 question

    Hello. I’m new to the pellet world. Locally here in PA I found someone selling a USSC 6309 made in 2006. He bought it, said he cleaned it, went over it and ran it for a day with no problems. This was going to go in my basement. I have a few questions. Is this a good pellet stove to acquire, how...
  4. O

    PelPro stove installed 16" from wall; should be 3". What can we do?

    Hi and thanks in advance for any insights and ideas shared here! We had a PelPro pellet stove installed in a corner of our living room. This was a new installation - no pellet or wood burning stove had ever existed before. Link to manual...
  5. H

    4in pellet pipe for godin stove

    Hello, We have built a glass greenhouse (Michigan) and recently purchased a vintage Godin coal stove. We are planning on burning wood in the stove but we are having no luck finding 4in pipe and accessories. First of all, We only plan on using this once in a while in the winter. It will not be...
  6. Euphoria

    [Questions] I'm new to pellet burners, I have a few questions regarding pellets

    Hey everyone, I have a few questions regarding pellets as I'm quite new to pellet stoves. I've moved into my new home at the beginning of the year, it's in a new country and I don't speak the language yet so attempting to ask the locals hasn't helped. I used the pellets the stove dealer...
  7. D

    Englander/Timber Ridge Venting Question

    Good Morning. I have been lurking around here for a couple of weeks and this is my first post. I have had a wood stove before, but never a pellet stove so am a complete novice with all things pellet. I will soon be purchasing 2 new pellet stoves. I am strongly considering the Timber Ridge...