Napoleon s25i install question(s)

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New Member
Nov 2, 2022
Southeastern CT
Probably 2 or 3 separate threats combined in one but anyways …

As far as the install, on p. 11 of the manual it says to remove the fireplace damper or fasten it permanently open and then it goes into sealing off the damper area around the liner…suggests installing a piece of 24 ga steel in the space with a hole for the liner. Wouldn’t putting a bead of high heat silicone between the back of the backer plate and the front of the fireplace do the same thing ? Do they sell pre-made throat sealing plates? Similar to the chase seal at the top?

Also….the clearance to combustibles requirements is calling for 48” in front of the unit. I can put a hearth extension (mat) down but I’m not finding any 48”x48” mats and I’d imagine they’d be abundant if they were actually calling for 48”. On the next page they say 16” of non combustible floor protection is needed.

Sooooo is it 16” or 48”????
The plate at the damper helps to keep heat from going up the chimney. It puts more heat into the room.

The clearances is confusing. You need 16” of ember protection on the floor. I assume that they don’t want you to park the couch 17” in front of the stove. So they put the larger number in there. Ask the inspector for clarification.