1. M

    Jotul Alpha Bypass Door Gasket Replacement

    Hello, Hoo boy, I am at my wit's end with this one. To actually post in a forum! The house I am in now has a Jotul Alpha, and while it's in pretty good shape, not having been used too much by the previous owners (they preferred the diesel burner) at one point last season I noticed some...
  2. 3RDegreeBurnz

    Damper Slider Location on Regency GFI55 ?

    ** Sorry for this bad Formatting- I cannot find a WYSIWYG Editor** Hi Everyone- I have been reading this Forum for months and after realizing this is by FAR the best resource for New Pellet Stove owners like myself, I finally joined! I’ve used the Forum Search Feature with Keywords “...
  3. E

    do I need a damper for this Jotul Castine?

    have had this Jotul for at least 15 years. Never thought to put a damper on it. The installer never mentioned it. What did I know? :) Should I add one? Is this a DIY process? I would need to remove and replace a section of pipe, correct?
  4. B

    Damper Removed

    I had an wood burning stove-insert installed in the firebox of my living room fireplace. I have it installed without the faceplate usually surrounding the stove and closing off the firebox from the room. I like the effect. It looks more like a wood burning stove in the firebox then an insert...
  5. M

    Encore 2550 damper bar replacement

    Great forum with lots of great info. I had to replace my upper fireback so ordered a new one. Working on reassembly, I cannot figure out how the old damper bar comes out of the old fireback so that I can put it in the new one I bought. They sell them separately so I figure the damper bar must...
  6. M

    Help with Vermont Casting Intrepid II (model 1990) replacing damper housing

    I have just replaced all of the gaskets and I am trying to reassemble the rear damper housing so that it engages the damper control rod. Anyone know the correct way to do this? The horizontal bar doesn't seem damaged but trying to get it to engage with the damper clip is tricky. I am trying...
  7. SteveHyper

    Jotul 602N - Damper? Gasket size?

    I just got a Jotul 602N which I'm about to install, wondering if anyone with experience of these would recommend fitting a damper to the flue pipe to control the burn? It's going to be in a wooden barn with a fairly short (3-4 meter) twin wall chimney if that makes a difference. Also the door...
  8. J

    Top cap damper in steel firebox

    Hey all, I'm new here and took a look around and haven't found exactly what I'm looking for. I just bought a home and the heatilator fireplace has a metal firebox with a throat damper that is very in need of being replaced. Advice of home inspector was to cut it out and install a top cap damper...
  9. D

    HearthStone II damper

    Hi All, I am new to this forum, while I was trying to find the solution of my problem I came across this forum and it seems very knowledgeable peoples are here. My problem is that I have a hearthstone II wood stove which I think installed in my home by previous owner. While I was using wood...
  10. S

    Frozen Damper?

    We bought our house in July & had the sweep come and inspect & clean the fireplace. Wood burning, located in the basement (walk out). He replaced the cap on the chimney at that time. We have used the fireplace a handful of times since. Last night went to start a fire & the damper wouldn't...
  11. V

    Push damper and fire goes out

    Once the fire gets going, and we push back the damper, the fire goes out. It doesn't seem like it's getting enough because we have to open the ash ash pan to let air in. This seems dangerous. It's a Defiant Encore Vermont Castings.
  12. W

    Clayton model 1800 questions.

    I just installed a model 1800 wood/coal furnace. I burned it last night and man does it pump out the heat. My question is should I have a damper installed in the flue pipe to kinda choke the stove down some. The previous owner did not use one in the 5 years he had it. It does have a baffle rod...
  13. NorEast

    Slider Damper Possibly Stuck

    Hi all Pulled my Enviro EF2 apart today to clean. When I pull all the parts from the firebox for cleaning I can see the damper which is pushed in all the way and leaves a space of about 3/4". Should it be no space. If I try to push it further it jams and I have to fight to free it. It makes a...
  14. I

    How do I get more heat?

    I have a 1988 Whitfield WP2. I have the old control board, the one with the dials for the feed and the other dial controls both fans. I just can't seem to get enough heat out of it. It has the tubes that transport the heat from the front, but then it also has two more holes on the sides that...
  15. tlooney

    Enviro Milan Stuck Damper

    I have an older Enviro Milan and the Damper appears to have rusted in place. I was able to loosen it up with some WD40 after removing the stove and getting underneath it. Does anyone have any experience with this and is there a good fix?
  16. 19glendale

    Damper Removal?

    Looking to get my project of a small freestanding stove (Century S244 (same firebox as Drolet Pyropak)) into my masonry fireplace underway. I need to begin by removing the damper. It is integral to the masonry hearth, as the rotating activator handle is on the front face of the mantle. The...
  17. D

    Chimney needs replacement rain cap with 12" long attachment sleeve

    Hello Hearthers! First time poster here with a question about rain caps. Here's a synopsis of my chimney: Age: approx 31 years Appliance: fireplace only Fuel: wood log only Height: 22 feet Construction: 6' x 2' wood chase with veneer "brick" mortared to exterior Flue: Round, 9" ID x 14"...
  18. N

    Hearthstone I - newbie burning fast

    Evening all... I'm a wood stove newbie and just inherited a HearthStone I. I was well cared for, chimney was swept regularly. I have fully read up on the instructions and posts on burning, but wanted to check with you all to see if i'm missing something. I put about 4 logs on started it up...
  19. WallaWallaDoug

    Old Blaze King Parts

    I have recently acquired a Blaze Princess insert PFF 403. I believe it is a model from the 80's. It's in pretty decent shape but it is missing what I believe to be a damper control on the top rear exhaust of the stove. there is just a rectangle opening with nothing to slow or damper down the...
  20. N

    New Top-Lock Damper- Smokey Smell

    Good afternoon - just discovered this site and hoping I could get some advice. I'm a new homeowner. My house has a masonry fireplace in the den. Based on the recommendations of some friends, I installed last week a Lock-Top damper after I expressed some concern about heat loss through the...