Damper Slider Location on Regency GFI55 ?

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Feb 6, 2019
Worthington, MD
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** Sorry for this bad Formatting- I cannot find a WYSIWYG Editor**​

Hi Everyone-

I have been reading this Forum for months and after realizing this is by FAR the best resource for New Pellet Stove owners like myself, I finally joined!

I’ve used the Forum Search Feature with Keywords “ REGENCY; GreenFire; GFI55” looking for an answer to my question without any luck. And yes, I have read both my Owners Manual and Technical Installation Manual cover to cover repeatedly and come up empty handed.
I have a 2010 Regency GreenFire GFI55 Pellet Stove Insert located in my lower level & installed in
my Factory Built FirePlace. I did NOT buy nor install this unit, rather it was already installed in my home which I purchased in 2014. As this is my first experience with a Pellet Stove, forgive me if this question sounds ignorant.

I have repeatedly read here about properly adjusting the Damper Slider on my pellet stove using a magnehelic gauge, and I fear I CANNOT locate the “ Slider Rod” which adjusts the Damper on my particular Insert Stove! My manual shows an exploded view of the GF55 FREESTANDING Unit which clearly shows that the Damper Slider Rod should be located on the Left Side of the Stove ( LSF ) and the manual implies,
but does not specify, that the GFI55 INSERT I own , should also have an adjustable Damper Slider Rod on the Left Side as well. It does NOT.

I am wondering if perhaps the Damper Slider Rod is located BEHIND the Metal Panel which surrounds the Insert to provide a Cosmetic Finish for this Pellet Stove Insert? I normally have professionals come out annually to service and clean the unit as well as clean out the Liner and T. The Insert functions very well, and most of the minor cleaning and tweaking issues which require attention are things I do myself, normally after much research here.

I have included a Picture of my stove taken from the front so you can see there is no visible Damper Sluder Rod on either side of my stove. I can easily remove the Metal Surround Panel but thought I would ask the good folks here first before doing so. Any assistance, suggestions or thoughts you have would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for such a great forum!


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On page 18 of this manual it clearly shows the damper
in front of or forward of the combustion fan . The insert
has no rod and the surround has to be removed to adjust
Page 20 shows the same thing but for a free standing stove
Hope this helps

Hi Johneh-

Thank you for your reply! I pulled out my Technical Manual and just as you advised, page 18 does indeed

show a diagram of what I think is the Damper Slider behind the Surround Panel.

I shot a picture of my Manual ( page 18 ) and placed a RED ARROW & Question Mark where I “ THINK” the

Damper is located behind my Surround Panel. If you have a moment, would you glance at my attached image and confirm if this is indeed where my Damper is likely located? If yes, would I be correct in assuming that I could ( if needed ) adjust, by hand, by removing the Surround Panel?

Thanks so much for taking the time to help this Noob!
Yes and yes. Is the stove burning poorly?
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