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  1. M

    Regency GFI 55 Pellet Insert

    I'm a first time pellet stove owner and I missed a few topics in my research prior to purchasing the GFI 55 pellet insert for a brick faced fireplace. The surround rattles. The installer said it's due to the flimsy metal that the surround is made of. Fix is to press on various spots until the...
  2. D

    Auger Motor inconsistent voltage

    Hi All: I’ve been using a Regency GFI55 for a couple years now. Last year mid-season, the stove was having issues so I replaced the auger motor and all was well (or seemed well). Same problem started again, but with more troubleshooting, deeper cleaning and more focus. Randomly the auger...
  3. 3RDegreeBurnz

    Damper Slider Location on Regency GFI55 ?

    ** Sorry for this bad Formatting- I cannot find a WYSIWYG Editor** Hi Everyone- I have been reading this Forum for months and after realizing this is by FAR the best resource for New Pellet Stove owners like myself, I finally joined! I’ve used the Forum Search Feature with Keywords “...
  4. D

    Room air fan (convection blower) cycling. Normal?

    Hi Everybody! Thanks in advance for helping out and answering my questions. I bought a Regency Greenfire 55 Insert last year and this is the 2nd winter running it. I was using pellets that seemed to be running good. Someone gave me some extra pellets since they were moving. The pellets are...
  5. B

    GFI55 Pellet Stove Vs Other Alternatives

    Hi, I just purchased my first house 2 months ago and am currently seeing the high costs of an electric heat pump. I was hoping to supplement some of the heating in the house with a pellet stove. I live in Maryland so electric usually runs about .$08 kwh and gas is not an option in my house. The...