Room air fan (convection blower) cycling. Normal?

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Oct 24, 2015
Hi Everybody! Thanks in advance for helping out and answering my questions.

I bought a Regency Greenfire 55 Insert last year and this is the 2nd winter running it. I was using pellets that seemed to be running good.

Someone gave me some extra pellets since they were moving. The pellets are smaller and now the pellet stove is operating a little differently.

With the old pellets, the convection blower (room air fan) would stay on constantly. Now the blower is cycling on and off. I haven't timed it, but maybe a 5min on 5min off cycle. I assume it's turning on/off because it's getting too hot? Or is this normal? When the fan is on, the air seems to be much hotter than before.

Old Pellets: Blackstone Pellets / premium hardwood / <1% ash / 8,000+BTU/lb. / <.05% fines / <6% moisture
New Pellets: Energex / premium hardwood / <1% ash / <.5% fines / doesn't mention moisture

Assuming normal maintenance has been performed I would check if the convection blower sensor is clean and connections are tight. Also check for proper voltage to blower motor and that blower wheel moves freely.