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  1. D

    Northwest (OR, WA) Newport WA (Oldtown Idhao)

    Ordered (Paid) the Pellets for my Harmon XXV Yesterday. $1199.96 4/Ton - $274.99 per ton (North Idaho Energy Log Pellets) Labor - $40.00 Delivery - $60.00 Ace $20 coupon off September already filled up. Delivery 26th August.
  2. Euphoria

    [Questions] I'm new to pellet burners, I have a few questions regarding pellets

    Hey everyone, I have a few questions regarding pellets as I'm quite new to pellet stoves. I've moved into my new home at the beginning of the year, it's in a new country and I don't speak the language yet so attempting to ask the locals hasn't helped. I used the pellets the stove dealer...
  3. N

    Pellet Advice - Michigan Thumb Area

    I’m new to burning pellets. I’m trying to stock up with 2 - 3 tons for this winter, but completely confused by reviews I’m finding online as to what brands are good or not. I was leaning towards getting the Michigan Wood Fuels pellets through TSC, but I see some terrible reviews for them...
  4. D

    Wet Pellets that have Decomposed into Saw Dust

    I have at least 3 bags of these I found. Wet from Dealer it seems. I fed part of one into my Harmon XXV and everything seems fine. About 10% of the bag. I know it's best to just throw them away. So don't say that. How well does the Harmon XXV handle them? They seem to just go...
  5. S

    Hardwood Heat Pellets (Southern States) - Hamer Product?

    Called SS in my area (Mt. Airy, MD) to see what pellets they were selling. They said "Hamer." I stopped by and picked up 10 bags to hold me over until my 2 tons of Lignetics Gold gets delivered. They had a couple guys that loaded them up and I didn't even bother to look at the label. When I...
  6. Jotel me this

    Use pellets in my Jotel F55?

    Hello. So the F55 Carrabassett, non-catalytic stove burns quiet efficiently using secondary combustion (burning the gasses up top).. and my question is.. can I use pellets in this stove if I buy a proper pellet tray? What might be the negative consequences of using pellets in the F55? I...
  7. tmsjava

    Any of these pellets good?

    I guess these are the types of pellets that one of our local dealers has generally. I was told hardwood is the way to go (less ash?). I'll check what types of pellets our local stove dealer has when they get some in. For now, this is what I found locally...
  8. I

    Hardwood Pellets San Diego

    Hey yall, Im in need of hardwood pellets in San Diego California Any suggestions? Im willing to order from somehwere close also.
  9. M


    Hi all, just installed a Breckwell P4000 Classic Cast in my house today. Stove is about 7 years old, got it from my father. He never had any problems with it. A couple times today it would go to start up like normal...pellets drop into the burn pot. But it seems before the igniter can work it’s...
  10. New to Pellet Stove

    Baffled beyond words...

    Let me start by saying that we have tried everything we could think of, several times, several people... so someone out there in cyberspace has to be able to help us! I bought a used PelPro WH-5483 with an Acutron II memory board; working at time of purchase. Had it installed and gave it a...
  11. J

    Quadrafire Contour pellet stove does not feed pellets

    So I bought an older Quadrafire Contour pellet stove secondhand. I think the stove is from 2001 (at least that seems to be the date on the control board.) I had it working for a few days but now the auger does not feed pellets anymore. When I plug it in the exhaust blower comes on and when I...
  12. E

    Mid-Atlantic (NY, PA, NJ, DE, MD, VA) Butler PA Rural King

    $159/ton--$3.19/40 lb bag for Lignetics Aug 3 2017 10% down pay by Sept 30--p/up by Oct 31
  13. OkieDude

    Hello from Okanagan Wood Pellets!

    Hey Guys, By way of introduction, my name is Chris and I am the new Director of Sales for Okanagan Pellets! I just wanted to hop on here to introduce myself and help answer any questions you may have regarding the Okanagan brand. I know there has been some confusion regarding the Okanagan brand...
  14. D

    This years stove chows

    Not sure about anyone else but it seems the chows this year are awsome! I had a ton of spruce pointe pellets this season. The pellet stove store said they were one of the best. Well to me, they were horrible. Lots of heavy ash and barely threw any heat and that was in the fall. I will never...
  15. D

    Room air fan (convection blower) cycling. Normal?

    Hi Everybody! Thanks in advance for helping out and answering my questions. I bought a Regency Greenfire 55 Insert last year and this is the 2nd winter running it. I was using pellets that seemed to be running good. Someone gave me some extra pellets since they were moving. The pellets are...
  16. D

    Pellet stove question - stove turns off and back on

    Hi all, I have a Whitfield pellet stove that was included in the home I bought 2 years ago. It didn't come with a manual and we have been using it just fine the past 2 years, but I have a question and couldn't find anything when I tried to research the issue myself on Google. Our unit appears...
  17. P

    Storing Pellets in proximity to Stove

    Hey there, Relatively new to the pellet stove scene and I can't find this info online. I have 2 tons of pellets and no interior space to store them all, so I took 2 weeks worth of pellets inside and tightly tarped the rest outside. The only real place to store them is about 1 foot away from my...

    Quadra-Fire Classic Bay 1200 Pellet Stove - First Time Set-up / Pellets Not Feeding

    We owned this pellet stove for 10 years with no issues and have since sold the house where it stayed. We just bought the same exact pellet stove and have followed the instructions to a T and we cannot get the stove going. When we plug it in, the exhaust fan comes on. We wait the 10 or so...
  19. S

    Mid-Atlantic (NY, PA, NJ, DE, MD, VA) Lignetics pre-season sale in SE PA $259/ton

    Oxford Feed & Lumber in Oxford, PA and Brandywine Ace, Pet & Farm in West Chester, PA are selling Lignetics for $259/ton through the end of June 2016. It has to be paid in full when ordering, and they have to be picked up or delivered by August 31st. The delivery fees are very reasonable; I...
  20. N

    Pellet Insert for Heatilator A36C

    Hi All, I am new to owning a fireplace (first time living in a cold climate!). I have purchased a house which has a Heatilator A36C Wood Burning fireplace (which I belive is called a zero clearance fireplace). I'd like to switch to a pellet insert. I am struggeling to deal with our local...
  21. webfish


    Consumer Guide to Pellets Part 1 Checking It Out - Understanding Pellet Fuel and what to look for in appliances. Note: The following information was prepared by HEARTH Education Foundation, in cooperation with the Hearth Products Association and the Pellet Fuel Institute. THE FUEL What are...