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New Member
Sep 19, 2020
Imlay City, Michigan
I’m new to burning pellets. I’m trying to stock up with 2 - 3 tons for this winter, but completely confused by reviews I’m finding online as to what brands are good or not. I was leaning towards getting the Michigan Wood Fuels pellets through TSC, but I see some terrible reviews for them.
Anybody in the thumb area of Michigan have advice as to where I should get my pellets? Any good deals you’ve found in the area? Brands to avoid?
Any help is much appreciated- my head is kind of spinning at this point!
A Lot Depends on your Stove. How it's installed. I have Harmon XXV and I have tired 4 different brands (all softwood). No Difference I can tell. Well one difference. North Idaho Energy Logs Pellets are double wrapped. Less bad bags I have found. I went with them again. Got 4 Tons Sitting. Soon as air is good will bring up 1/4 ton on porch and cover with tarp (Smoke Air Pollution). Only time my stove burned bad was when I left in metal fabric I use in pipe going thru wall to keep out stupid birds. Took me few days to figure out why it was poor burning. Yank that out and good to go. I have 8" Chimney left over from Wood Stove.