Quadra-Fire Classic Bay 1200 Pellet Stove - First Time Set-up / Pellets Not Feeding

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Dec 20, 2016
Table Rock Lake, MO
We owned this pellet stove for 10 years with no issues and have since sold the house where it stayed.

We just bought the same exact pellet stove and have followed the instructions to a T and we cannot get the stove going.

When we plug it in, the exhaust fan comes on. We wait the 10 or so minutes until it goes off, then hit the reset button every two minutes.

No pellets ever feed.

We've tried this 1/2 dozen times and have now given up for the night.

Any advice?

Thank you.
The new stoves have a safety switch on the hopper lid. Make sure you lid is closed or the auger will not feed fuel.

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Just worked on a stove with this issue. The hopper lid has a lot of play from left to right. Make sure it is all the way to the left, where the switch is. You can also eliminate it as an issue by unplugging its wires, from vac switch and power wire, and putting thick black power wire on vac switch, where hopper wire was. You can just see the auger from left panel to see if it is turning. And as you probably know, it will take a few reset hits to get fuel all the way up the auger tube. kap
Thanks for your help! We did everything you said. What finally got it to drop pellets was to put some pellets in the fire pot. As soon as the fire was burning, it started dropping pellets. Go figure. It's our only source of heat, so thank goodness it's going.

I thought I'd throw this out there too, so people shopping for pellet stoves will be aware. We bought a Pelpro PP60 first and it's not a good pellet stove at all. It was a nightmare. Luckily, Menards let us return it, so we could buy the Quadra Fire from Nixa Hardware which we know from experience is a good and reliable stove.
Sounds to me like your door might not be adjusted snug enough. Seems there wasn't any vacuum till a fire was going, and sucked the door a bit. Glad you have fire. Stay warm. kap
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