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New Member
Jan 26, 2018
Hi all, just installed a Breckwell P4000 Classic Cast in my house today. Stove is about 7 years old, got it from my father. He never had any problems with it. A couple times today it would go to start up like normal...pellets drop into the burn pot. But it seems before the igniter can work it’s magic, too many pellets drop into the burn pot and the pellets will not ignite. I open the door and scoop out the majority of the pellets from the burn pot, hit the start button to reset the process, and then it will usually fire up, assuming because there’s not too many pellets in there to clog the fire from lighting. Any help would be appreciated!
Do u have it running on a high heat setting? Maby lower the setting do it will slow the feed rate untill it gets going

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