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  1. E

    Pellet stove lights wont come on

    Pellet stove was working fine, I pressed the off button and left home. When I came home, I turned it on, and the burn box overflowed with pellets, but they didn't ignite. I pressed the off button, but it didn't click off because it was too warm, so I unplugged it, it clicked off, I emptied the...
  2. S

    Breckwell Big E not feeding enough pellets

    I have a Breckwell P1000 Big E (possibly an older one since it doesn't have the removable ash pan, hopefully not a knockoff) that doesn't seem to be feeding enough pellets to maintain a flame. The auger seemed a little clogged up with dust so I cleaned it out and it spins freely now. The motor...
  3. BreckwellDrew

    Breckwell P24 Blazer Insert - Keeps Turning off w/ Diagnostic #2 Light, Stumped

    Hi, I have a Breckwell P24L Blazer Insert. The stove has been running fine since November, but the past week it's been giving me issues. The stove will run for a bit and then trigger an error #2 light on the control board, causing the stove to shut down. I thought I fixed it over the weekend...
  4. A

    Breckwell p2000i control board won’t go lower than level 5

    Hi everyone (fairly new to this website) but very familiar with breckwell stoves because I’ve had one over the years. Just recently purchased my second breckwell p2000i insert (From a friend) and for some reason it runs differently than my current p2000i? For some reason I can’t use any heat...
  5. M

    Breckwell p2700 Door Glass Leaking

    I purchased the Breckwell p2700. It's been good so far. I've only been running it for a few weeks. But today, I turned it on after being off for a few hours. I noticed smoke. So, I turned it off and suddenly I see smoke start pouring out of the front door! After getting the fire out and...
  6. J

    Convection Fan Only Runs on HIGH

    I have a Breckwell SP22. Recently, it began running the room blower fan on HIGH, immediately at start-up, and no matter what heat level is set. I took everything apart and cleaned both fans inside and out. I have been reading about testing the high limit sensor and low limit sensor, the blower...
  7. S

    Looking to Upgrade my insert - Osburn 2400 or Breckwell SW740I or Supreme Fusion 24

    I have an older large farm house in Upstate NY that I have updated with 1" of spray foam and batt insulation where possible. I have a hydronic baseboard heat via a propane fired boiler as my primary heat source and a Lopi model LX insert (1980s version) installed in old stone fireplace as...
  8. C

    Breckwell Big E SP1000

    About 2 weeks ago my Big E will quit with the 2nd error light flashing. I think I cleaned it pretty well. I found that the chimney insert needed cleaning and did that as well. I am a visual person and can't find a video on how and what to clean. It is my only source of heat. Any ideas other...
  9. M


    Hi all, just installed a Breckwell P4000 Classic Cast in my house today. Stove is about 7 years old, got it from my father. He never had any problems with it. A couple times today it would go to start up like normal...pellets drop into the burn pot. But it seems before the igniter can work it’s...
  10. J

    Problem with a Breckwell P2000i

    Hi, Thanks for allowing me into the group. I have an older(2004?) stove that I recently had to replace the convection blower. After replacing the stove starts normally but once it’s up to temp the fan comes on at high speed. I doesn’t not chage speeds when I adjust the heating levels. Is it the...
  11. Kobo

    Breckwell P4000 blower issue

    Greetings one and all. About 9 years ago we purchased a new Breckwell P4000 'Classic Vermont' pellet stove and, overall, it has worked fine. I do have to remove the two blowers each winter to not only clean out the dust and/or ash from each of them but also lubricate the bearings which started...
  12. J

    Breckwell p24 Blazer combustion blower help!

    Hey guys! So I have a Breckwell p24 freestanding and I seem to need a new combustion blower the part number is a-e-027 from breckwell, but that would need to be ordered. I was coming here to ask all of you if there is ANY acceptable replacement part that I might be able to find easier or more...
  13. M

    Help with BW SP23I

    Hello. New to the site and have an interesting problem. After an extended runtime on my pellet stove the convection blower shuts off. Pellets are still being fed when this happens until it finally shuts down and I get a #2 light on the display. Air switch seems fine but could still be...
  14. L

    Breckwell Combustion Blower on P2000I

    Quick question: Is the combustion blower constant speed or variable speed.
  15. L

    Breckwell P2000I Low Primary Air Flow Through Burnpot

    Problem: Virtually no air flow through the burn pot. The differential pressure across the burn pot must be very low. The stove is hardily usable at .9 lbs/hr fuel flow and burns grossly fuel rich. The burn pot needs to be cleaned out every couple hours to even use the stove at all. This...
  16. B

    Breckwell Tahoe shuts off after 5 minutes, with #2 light flashing

    My Breckwell P2000 ran out of pellets the other night. Now, I can't get it to stay running. It starts up fine, with a good flame and nice heat, but when the motor throttles down a little after the initial startup, the stove will shut down, and the #2 light will flash. The vacuum air hose is...
  17. M

    Breckwell P4000 thermostat

    Hi I am new to the forum. I know that similar questions have been asked but I was hoping someone has specific thermostat experience for the stove that I have. I recently installed a Breckwell P4000. I would like to connect a thermostat for the stove. I purchased the Honeywell 2300A...