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MeJay Mike

Dec 31, 2016
Tijeras, NM
Hello. New to the site and have an interesting problem. After an extended runtime on my pellet stove the convection blower shuts off. Pellets are still being fed when this happens until it finally shuts down and I get a #2 light on the display. Air switch seems fine but could still be suspect. Once the temp drops (assuming from over temperature) he convection fan comes back on and unit can be restarted. The Stove is about 3 years old and I did recently replace the convection blower.

Blow out the windings of the convection blower. It sounds like it's overheating and shutting down until it cools. The windings are air cooled, and dust blocks the airflow. Used compressed air if you have it. Vacuuming probably won't do the job.
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IMG_2424.PNG IMG_2423.PNG Wonder if it's the replacement I bought. The new one is the one on the left and the original looked like the one in the right.
Still overheating!! It the motor on the convection blower does get hot! I can only assume I got a bad one. I will order another one and keep my fingers crossed.
Well stove is still acting up! Tried two different convection blowers and both over heat and shut down. I have cleaned everything in the stove and vent. Had the control board test at store where I bought it by having them install it into one of there demo units and functions fine. Worker there suggests that I have a leak in the back where the pellets feed and thinks I should add more high temp silicone. I am going to remove it tomorrow (insert with 12 vertical vent so was trying no to) to check his theory.

Any other thoughts?