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    Help with BW SP23I

    Hello. New to the site and have an interesting problem. After an extended runtime on my pellet stove the convection blower shuts off. Pellets are still being fed when this happens until it finally shuts down and I get a #2 light on the display. Air switch seems fine but could still be...
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    Stove Burning Hotter This Year... Why And What To Do?

    I have been burning in our Jotul F 500 stove for about eight seasons now. Each season comes with a few incidents where the fire seems to rage out of control. But this season is different. It seems to occur much more frequently. Almost any time I load the stove full with wood (usually at...
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    Lantian-II High-Temp Lubricant Advice

    I recently did a repair on my electric dryer and the kit came with a tube of Lantian-II high-temp lubricant. I couldn't find any details online about what the high temp for this was and wondered if anyone knew if it could be used to lubricate the hinges and handles on my stove to prevent them...