Breckwell P2000I Low Primary Air Flow Through Burnpot

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Jan 28, 2016
Problem: Virtually no air flow through the burn pot. The differential pressure across the burn pot must be very low. The stove is hardily usable at .9 lbs/hr fuel flow and burns grossly fuel rich. The burn pot needs to be cleaned out every couple hours to even use the stove at all. This abruptly started.

New stove second season. Only 1 pallet was used in first season. 90% of the time on 1st or 2nd speed. Stack and stove cleaned at end of season.

So what have I done. Verified the feed rate is less than 1 lb/hr. Took the stove out and thoroughly cleaned the hidden passages the best I could using long brushes and ash vacuum cleaner. I've done this several times. Appears the back right side vertical passage goes directly to a passage leading directly to the fan. The vertical part passes a brush and the horizontal part is visually clear. Why the stove is designed to bypass hot gasses around away from the combustion tubes is unknown to me. But I know that section is completely clean providing a pathway to the combustion blower. Brushes extend from access door to access door. Brush extends from left vertical passage down. Brush extends across tops of convections tubs. Don't know how to prove those pathways are clear. Logic says they are. Verified the air slide gate is actually opening. Which it doesn't need to be open at all. Verified there actually is a hole drilled through the gate. Pulled the induced draft fan (combustion air blower) out several times and carefully cleaned the blades with a toothbrush. Verified the passage below the fan is clear. Removed the 4" flexible piping between the stack and stove and verified no blockage. Taped up the secondary air sources ie design air leakage around the windows to ensure all id fan suction is used to pull air through the burn pot. Verified the door gaskets look good as new. The door handle pulls tight. I have no idea what suction pressure this fan should develop. I have no reason to believe there is a blockage between the fan and the burn box. I have no reason to believe there is a blockage between the slide gate and the burn box which is installed correctly. I have no reason to believe there is backpressure on the exhaust fan. Ran the stove for a short time with flexible tubing disconnected from the stack with the stove door open and closed. I have no way to quantify the exhaust flow but seemed to be very low pressure. Hardly blew up a kitchen trash bad. Breckwell says I'm not cleaning it properly.

I suspect convection tube failure or combustion blower poor performance. Please advise on what I could be doing wrong cleaning this thing or how to prove the actual problem.

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