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    Breckwell P2000i sealant on exhaust

    I am doing a rebuild after nearly 25 years of mostly trouble free use. My question is during installation and re installation, the installer used some kind of sealant somewhere on the chimney exhaust. And during a reinstall later, they beefed about it also, and beefed during a sealant redo...
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    Breckwell p2000i control board won’t go lower than level 5

    Hi everyone (fairly new to this website) but very familiar with breckwell stoves because I’ve had one over the years. Just recently purchased my second breckwell p2000i insert (From a friend) and for some reason it runs differently than my current p2000i? For some reason I can’t use any heat...
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    Breckwell P2000I Low Primary Air Flow Through Burnpot

    Problem: Virtually no air flow through the burn pot. The differential pressure across the burn pot must be very low. The stove is hardily usable at .9 lbs/hr fuel flow and burns grossly fuel rich. The burn pot needs to be cleaned out every couple hours to even use the stove at all. This...